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Simulation for collaborative crane lifting released

A new simulation-based training system which is able to engage two trainees at the same time has been released.

The new simulation teaches a lead crane operator how to safely and efficiently manoeuvre a steel pipe load while working in tandem with another crane, operated from another simulator on the network.

It focuses on the requirement for constant communication and clear cues on the worksite and can be deployed in multiple configurations.

Designed by CM Labs Simulations, the software can be used across any combination of CM Labs simulators.

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“Accidents happen when crews aren’t used to each other. That’s why collaborative training is effective training,” CM Labs Director of Training Solutions Drew Carruthers said.

“This training solution embeds multiple trainees in a truly engaging learning process, as well as helping develop critical teamwork and communication skills that are difficult to teach safely in the field.”

The simulation is able to be paired with CM Labs’ Instructor Operating Station, which allows for real-time reporting of operator performance metrics, customisable scoring and lift plans.

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