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Siemens and PaR Systems help enhance crane operation safety

According to the Crane Inspection and Certification Bureau (CICB), approximately 80 crane-related deaths occur every year. Of all crane-related incidents 90% are due to human error, 50% results in a fatality, and 40% involve someone being struck by the crane or an object that the crane is lifting or moving.

A solution for modernising cranes is developed by PaR Systems and called EXPERTOPERATOR, which was designed to help operators by reducing load sway by 95%. PaR is a global manufacturer of advanced automation, robotic and specialty material handling solution.

EXPERTOPERATOR is an advanced crane motion control system that is implemented entirely within the Siemens platform. The system uses equipment such as Simatic S7 PLCs, Simatic HMI Panels, and Scalance W Industrial Wireless Modules.

Unique algorithms within PaR’s software enables crane operators to more easily, quickly and safely control the movements of payloads, such as dies and coils in automotive stamping plants.

EXPERTOPERATOR is most effective for applications that require high throughput, and precise manipulation of loads to meet production demands and prevent collisions with sensitive equipment and personnel. Optional modules to the EXPERTOPERATOR platform provide robust zone control, sideload/snag prevention, and automatic load positioning.

In material handling crane operations, wireless capability is a key operational factor, and the solution offered PaR Systems a wireless component that was reliable and predictable.

Time-to-market is also important to PaR Systems when delivering customers solutions. The Siemens Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) provided a platform to shorten engineering time through its simulation tools, programmer productivity tools, and additional diagnostics.

Material handling requires a fine balance between precision, efficiency, productivity, and most importantly, safety. As a result of the collaboration between PaR Systems and Siemens, new and experienced crane operators around the world can now confidently perform their tasks and contribute to enhanced plant safety and operational efficiency.

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