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Sennebogen’s success with Duty Cycle cranes

Pace Cranes' Michael Cawston discusses the efficacy of the Sennebogen duty cycle cranes.

For many, the Sennebogen brand is synonymous with robust hydraulic telescopic crawlers; however, national distributor Pace Cranes has experienced significant success with Sennebogen Duty Cycle cranes for many years.

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Sennebogen can look back on 70 plus years of experience in the development and construction of Duty Cycle cranes. The robust design of all the machine’s components including the upper carriage, undercarriage, slewing ring and lattice boom are what make the Sennebogen Duty Cycle crane a standout. 

The Sennebogen range of heavy duty machines has operating capacities of between 30t and 300t and can operate a wide range of mechanical and hydraulic attachments including draglines, grabs, diaphragm wall grabs, hydraulic casing machines, vibrators, leader pile-drivers, dynamic ground compactors and crane hooks.

The range is ideal for excavator work and, when fitted with clamshell buckets in special civil engineering work, they easily beat the performance of hydraulic excavators.

Michael Cawston, National Sales Manager for Pace Cranes, provides more information about Sennebogen Duty Cycle cranes.

“Sennebogen Duty Cycle cranes or Rope Excavators, as they are also known, are designed for heavy-duty and dynamic applications that exceed the capabilities of regular lifting cranes. 

“Duty Cycle cranes are extremely robust and sit in the excavator class of machines, but they differ from the other machines in this category. Because Duty Cycle cranes are equipped with an upper carriage driven by wire ropes, they are primarily used for digging and with various grabs and dragline buckets, they are ideal for offshore barge work, leader/piling, ground compaction, demolition wrecking ball work and for demanding hoisting operations,” said Michael.

“There are a number of features included in Duty Cycle cranes that stand them apart from other types of lifting cranes. Sennebogen manufactures using thicker steel plating throughout the machine and additional high tensile material in boom sections which are engineered for heavy dynamic forces,” he said.

“Sennebogen uses large dimensional hydraulic, cooling systems with engine capacity up to 840kW and reinforced slew rings with second or third  row of roller bearings and  secondary slew motors are designed for more demanding and repetitive applications. They also feature large capacity adjustable freefall winches which provide the ability to synchronise pulling force.

“Sennebogen is a 100 per cent family-run company with over 70 years of experience and technical know-how. Achieving the highest quality made in Germany is Sennebogen’s prime mission. German made quality with long service life and high resale values are a direct result from our robust design,” said Michael.

Key features of the Sennebogen Duty Cycle range include quick assembly and easy transportation with compact dimensions. A simple counterweight mounting system saves time and costs when transporting between job sites. The Duty Cycle range has an option of a mobile tyre undercarriage or a robust crawler track undercarriage for maximum stability and manoeuvrability off-road.

The range also features modern diesel engines with worldwide support designed for heavy duty operations. This engine technology and an intelligent hydraulic system lead to high performance and low fuel consumption. The design includes central measuring points for simple and quick inspection of the entire hydraulic system. 

The range also includes a large dimensioned cooling system for the engine and hydraulic system, enhancing energy efficiency. Noise emissions are limited through thermically controlled drives. Easy accessibility to the machine for maintenance and service purposes has always been part of Sennebogen’s design characteristics.

Free-fall winches with integrated drives and multi disk brakes provide the highest line pull and long rope lifetime. Thanks to its wide drums, high rope capacities – starting with the first layer – enhance low operating costs and reduce wear of the rope.

The Slew drive and Slew ring are designed to provide high torque and performance. Strong drives for high torques and sensitive work are provided by large size bearings for the demanding continuous operation of a Duty Cycle crane.

The high tensile boom system is designed and engineered to cope with heavy and dynamic operations. Options for the boom include additional baffle plate made of solid composites, fixed jib, rope guiding, steel rope pullets and HS steel sheaves.


The range features the Sennebogen Maxcab which as an option can be tilted to 20 degrees for best ergonomic positioning. Another option elevates the cab to the best possible view of the site for safety purposes. The operator’s cab is ergonomically designed and incudes joystick controls. Via the Sencon system, important information about the machine’s status is available with no additional measuring equipment required.

High line pull, high torques and ergonomic control makes dragline work efficient. An optimised fairlead with a rope guard for the boom provides the best working conditions and reduces the wear of the rope. Heavy Duty Steel Sheaves also help reduce wear and enhance long service life.

Sennebogen provides maximum adaptability in particular for high performance dredging and grab applications, being optimised for two rope grapples as well as electro-hydraulic grabs. Optional double winches also increase dredging capacity.

A tagline winch is integrated into the base of the boom and prevents the swinging of the rope and grab, and assists with fast and precise grab positioning. The automatic grab filling system is designed with counter rotating winches which enables optimal filling of the grab.

There is also a depth measuring device which provides visual aids for verifying the grabs position in situations where the operators view is obscured.

“Sennebogen manufactures Duty Cycle cranes which are capable of managing in the harshest of conditions,” Michael said. 

“With 70 years of manufacturing excellence these cranes are built to perform over a long period of time. Customers are operating these cranes around the country and we have the support network and parts availability to support this growing population. The performance of Sennebogen product is world renowned and Pace Cranes supports the brand 100 per cent.” 

Pace Cranes' Michael Cawston discusses the efficacy of the Sennebogen duty cycle cranes.
Sennebogen Duty Cycle cranes or Rope Excavators, as they are also known, are designed for heavy-duty and dynamic applications that exceed the capabilities of regular lifting cranes. Image: Sennebogen
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