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Sennebogens deliver on major tunnelling project

Associated Rigging deploys a new Sennebogen crawler to work on major Melbourne tunnelling project.

For over three decades, Associated Rigging has been providing crane hire solutions Australia wide. Currently, Associated Rigging has a number of cranes involved on major infrastructure projects including a 50t capacity Sennebogen crawler working on the $11 billion Melbourne Metro Tunnel project.

Founded in 1991, Associated Rigging is a family business owned and managed by the Hoare family, including managing director Kieran, wife Claire and sons Darcy and Mark. According to Kieran Hoare the mix of the fleet reflects the requirements of customers.

“We are predominantly a structural steel and concrete panel erection company. The larger cranes in the fleet are utilised for precast erection and the smaller cranes for steel erection. We are regularly monitoring the needs and requirement of our customers and we update our fleet accordingly to ensure we are providing them with the latest in lifting technology,” he said.

The Associated Rigging fleet features cranes with capacities ranging from 250t capacity down to a 3t capacity Maeda mini crane says Hoare.

“We run a fleet of 20 cranes. Our largest capacity is a Kobelco crawler, a CKE2500 which has a 250t capacity and the smallest a Maeda mini crane with a 3t capacity. In between, we run a range of all terrains with capacities ranging from 200t to 35t, Frannas including two Mac 25s and four Sennebogen crawlers ranging from 50t to 15t capacity,” he said.

The fleet includes a number of brands including Kobelco, Terex Demag, Liebherr, Terex Franna, Kato, Sennebogen and Maeda.

According to Hoare a number of Sennebogens are currently utilised on the $11 billion plus Melbourne Metro Tunnel project as they are recognised as being well suited for this type of application.

“As far as we are concerned the Sennebogens are excellent all-rounders. They work well in applications where there is limited head room and not much room to manoeuvre. They are robust cranes capable of dealing with the harsh conditions they can face in tunnelling projects. They are versatile and compact without compromising on lifting power,” he said.

With a 50t safe working load and proven Full-Power Boom with a boom length of up to 43.4 m, the crane Sennebogen 653 telescopic crawler crane features maximum flexibility for lifting, moving, and positioning large loads. The machine comes with a 129 kW diesel engine with 4f emission standards and up to two hydraulically driven 50 kN winches, with winching speeds up to 115 m/min.

The crawler undercarriage of the 653 is ideal for working on both small and large construction sites. The machine can be variably driven even at full load. Even in rough terrain, the telescopic crane is impressive with its excellent manoeuvrability. It can operate on inclines of up to 4°. At just 3 m wide, the extendable crawler tracks save space during transport and can be extended out up to 4.5 m support width when in use. The 5.34 m long crawler tracks with optional track shoes up to 900 mm wide ensure low ground pressure and optimal stability.

Maximum driver comfort and easy maintenance. The proven Maxcab comfort cab with automatic air conditioning and a spring-cushioned seat offers the crane operator a comfortable working environment. The cab itself can be tilted up to 15° as standard. An optional hydraulic cab elevator and standard camera system also improve the overview of the work area. The SENCON control and diagnostics system by SENNEBOGEN offers a clear presentation of all operating parameters and easy, intuitive user control, as well as the ability to process error messages quickly. It also reliably monitors the load moment limitation system. The central maintenance and lubrication points are conveniently placed for easy access during maintenance and daily servicing.

Associated Rigging offers a range of services across the construction sector including civil works for commercial and industrial projects. For the residential sector the team can be lifting anything from landscaping projects, moving building materials, installation and removal of spas and pools and a range of other lifts. The company also offers rigging and dogging services, lift supervisors, spotters, lift studies and traffic management for projects.

Hoare confirms he is not only impressed with the Sennebogen and Maeda products, he also enjoys a close relationship with the distributor of the products, Pace Cranes.

“We have known, and are close friends with, Paul, Faye and Anthony Heeks and our relationship has spanned over 15 years. Obviously, the Sennebogen and Maeda products perform well for our business, but it is an added bonus to call the Heeks family our friends,” he said.

According to Hoare, Associated Rigging services a wide variety of customers from ranging from major construction companies to individuals.

“We work hard on providing the right levels of service for our customers which has led to us developing long term relationships with most of them. Current cunstomers include companies such as Icon, John Holland, Boral, Span Constructions, CYP (Metro Tunnel), Hutchinson Builders, Kane Constructions, Lendlease, IDEC Solutions, LCR Group and Qube,” he said.

“Everything we do is geared towards providing our customers with a unique and superior crane hire experience across a broad range of industries. We can provide cranes with lifting capacities from anywhere between 3t to 250t. We tailor our lifting solutions to each client ensuring we carry out each lift safely, on time and to budget,” said Hoare.

Hoare then highlights some recent projects Associated Rigging has been involved with.

“Recent projects include CSL – Broadmeadows where we helped with a major upgrade of facilities. The Chisolm Road Prison Project, Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel, Geelong Regional Library, Costco Retail and Distribution Centres (Australia wide), Balmoral Quay Apartments, Monash Medical Centre, GMHBA Stadium, Epworth Hospital, Geelong, Gordon Technical College, Deakin University, Barwon Prison Project, Wind Farms, Victorian Rail Projects and NDIA Geelong,” he said.

Hoare confirms the measures the business is required to have in place to ensure lifts are conducted safely.

“We are governed by a range of policies and procedures which are regularly audited and updated. We also have a comprehensive COVIDSafe Plan which complies with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines for the Building and Construction Industry Victoria.

“Our policies & procedures include pandemic preparedness, issue resolution Hazard Identification and reporting, inductions skills and experience, young employees, subcontractor management, environmental management, incident reporting, employee compensation, employee health support, solar ultraviolet radiation, high risk work, safe work method statement, personal protective equipment, electrical safety, confined spaces, personal mobile phone use, smoke free, surveillance, training and development, uniform and vehicles and fuel cards and we are currently developing a social procurement and inclusion policy,” he said.

Hoare also explains how site inspections and lift planning are key disciplines when it comes to completing lifts safely.

“We carry out site-inspections to ensure we have the right equipment to perform each job safely, to budget and within time constraints. We also offer lift studies to customers. These enable us to carefully plan for crane lifting operations, using the latest CAD technology. Each lift we manage is carefully evaluated to ensure all safety considerations are addressed before work begins. Our lift studies are a compilation of crane and rigging data with all aspects of the lift pre-designed,” said Hoare.

“We currently employ a total of 68 staff, three in administration and 65 out in the construction sector operating the cranes and providing the various services I’ve already highlighted. Our staff are qualified in various aspects of crane operating and management including dogging, rigging, spotting, boiler making tower crane operation, non-slewing mobile crane, boom-type elevating work platform, welding, forklift truck operation, scissor lift, heavy vehicle drivers licence, certified pilot drivers licence, rail industry worker, control traffic as a pilot vehicle operator, traffic manager & traffic controller, elevated work platform, work safely at heights, harness awareness, first aid certified, human resources management and safety compliance,” he said.

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