Sennebogen launch 100t capacity telescopic crawler

Pace Cranes, National Distributor for Sennebogen, recently announced a major addition to its product portfolio with the launch of the Sennebogen 6103 E, 100t capacity crawler crane.

The Sennebogen telescopic crawler crane concept has been successfully established with customers worldwide for many years and is present in numerous markets. With the popular performance class up to 100t load capacity, Sennebogen is expanding its extensive portfolio of telecranes with a new top-of-the-range model, whilst marking a small anniversary.

With 30 years of experience, Sennebogen has successfully established itself on the international market with mobile and crawler telescopic cranes since 1992. Customers from the construction and crane rental industries all over the world trust in the reliability of Sennebogen telescopic cranes.

In its anniversary year, Sennebogen is introducing a new 100t model, a crane that will fill the gap between the existing models and will be an interesting solution for construction companies in building and civil engineering and for crane rental companies in particular.

With its current product portfolio from 16t to 130t load capacity, Sennebogen already covers a wide range of applications, where the telescopic crawler cranes in particular offer many advantages when lifting, moving and positioning large loads.

The new Sennebogen 6103 E is a telescopic crane with a load capacity of 100t and a maximum boom length of up to 62m, specially designed for demanding pick and carry applications. The new addition to the product line is equipped with a 186 kW diesel engine of emissions stage V, which also hydraulically drives the powerful crawler drive of the 100 t machine as well as main and auxiliary winches with 100 kN tractive force each and allows cable speeds of 125 m/min.

Thanks to a wide range of equipment solutions, the machine can also be configured to meet a wide range of customer-specific requirements in special civil engineering or hydraulic engineering, for example with working area limitation, safety and low-temperature package or for operation with organic oils.

With outstanding working heights, the Sennebogen 6103 E features a 5-section pin boom which has a maximum length of 46.8m for the driver in standard configuration. The reach can be optionally optimized up to 62 m with the fly jib and extension. The boom system thus enables comfortable working heights of up to 50 m. Operation is carried out simply and intuitively via joystick movement.

The Sennebogen 6103 E offers maximum flexibility. Like all Sennebogen telescopic crawler cranes, the 100t machine also allows you to work on rough terrain. Thanks to the robust, telescoping crawler undercarriage with a maximum track width of 4.20m, there is no need for time-consuming positioning or supporting the machine.

The crawler undercarriage is also stable and secure during crane operation. The extremely robust design of the entire machine, as well as the boom, is particularly noticeable when working at inclines of up to four degrees and with high load capacities.

The 6103 E sets an impressive standard in its performance class here. As a Pick and Carry crane, the telescopic crawler crane can also be moved with up to 100% load on the hook and thus offers a wide range of applications, particularly in prefabricated part and component assembly and on large construction sites.

More convenience and maximum safety: In addition to the tried-and-tested equipment features, the spacious Maxcab offers operators even more options for making every day work particularly comfortable and safe. The telescopic crane has a cab that can tilt 20 degrees as standard. As an option, the cab can be hydraulically elevated to an eye level of 5.60 m.

Large-scale window elements and the tried-and-tested access area with sliding door leave nothing to be desired and provide an optimal workplace for the driver. There is also the option of operating the crane from outside the cab via radio remote control, which offers added precision and safety in many applications.

Flexible transport and easy installation: However, for contractors and rental companies alike, transport costs and set-up times are key criteria for efficient crane use.

The new Sennebogen 6103 E telescopic crawler crane offers two major advantages here. The machine can be transported completely in one piece. For this, only the ballast must be removed to achieve a transport weight of around 61 t and a width of 3.48 m.

The crane weighs less than 40t and is therefore even easier to transport by low loader, when the crawler tracks are removed beforehand. The highlight is that all assembly steps can be carried out by the machine itself. Auxiliary cranes are not required thanks to the Sennebogen self-assembly system.

With the new premium model, Sennebogen is adding a real highlight to its product range for the 30th anniversary of the green telescopic crane, which is sure to cause a stir in the popular 100t class – as was demonstrated impressively in the first test applications of the machine in demanding customer applications.

Pace Cranes confirms the Sennebogen brand and range of products is highly popular in this part of the world with over 100 machines operating regionally.


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