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Sarens completes lift and shift for 11,000-tonne Malaysian module

Sarens lift an 11,209-tonne module in Malaysia.

Global heavy lifting specialist Sarens has completed a lift-and-shift project in Malaysia for the Jerun Development Project.

Completing the work for the oil and gas field located offshore in Sarawak, Malaysia, the Belgian-based logistics specialist were contracted to skid and load out the 11,209-tonne Jerun A jacket 300 metres from its starting position.

To complete the project, the Sarens tea used eight 588-tonne strand jacks, 44 submersible pumps, four 800-tonne breakout jacks, and a set of ballast, tide, barge monitoring, and ballast tank sounding.

The main complexities of its lift-and-shift pertained to the tide restrictions which severely reduced the operating window in which the team could complete its job. Providing full contingencies for the skidding and ballast equipment they brought with them, the team put to use its detailed planning and precise engineering calculations to minimise any risks and meet its timeline.

Furthermore, Sarens proposed backup systems for contingencies in case anything went wrong. The teams installed the secondary strand jack at Dead Man Anchor other than the usual anchor block to ensure that they met the timeline before the tide closed their operational timeframe.

With all of its lifting equipment moved through Vietnam, Project Manager Ridzuan Jamiran was nothing but complimentary of the “good coordination from each department”.

“The equipment arrived at the Malaysian Marine and Heavy Engineering yard in 10 days,” he said. “Within next 10 days, Sarens installed eight strand jacks and 44 submersible pumps, functionally tested all the equipment, and was ready for the operation two days ahead of schedule.”

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