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Sany’s SCC20000A crawler crane completes work on largest flare tower

Sany's SCC20000A crawler crane caps a flare tip at a Petrochemical Plant in Asia.

Sany’s SCC20000A crawler crane has successfully completed the capping of a flare tower at the Yulong Petrochemical Refining Integration Project.

The flare tower, weighing in at 2100 tonnes and measuring up to 168 metres tall, is the largest flare tower in all of Asia.

Using a modular lifting approach, the flare tower installation process – completed by Shandong Haiguan Lifting Engineering – was divided into eight vertical assembly segments. The first segment employed a foundational assembly method, before the SCC20000A crawler crane was deployed in order to assemble segments two to eight.

The job, which took place over a total of 45 days, used a single crane lifting and rotating method to complete the lifting tasks required of the machine.

Shandong Haiguan Lifting Engineering configured the SCC20000A with a 108-metre main arm, a 108-metre + 60-metre tower-type jib, and a 108-metre + 90-metre tower-type jib for various different aspects of the lift, changing the machine’s set up depending on the height it was required to lift at. Throughout the seven lifts and installations, safety was at the forefront of the crew’s mind as it aimed to complete the job as efficiently as possible.

Sany’s 2000-tonne capacity crawler crane features a 108-metre main boom with a possible 108 metres able to be added in jib extension. Powered by a Cummins engine, the SCC20000A holds a maximum lifting moment of 28000 torque-metres.

Marking a significant milestone in Asia’s petrochemical industry, the successful operation of Sany’s crawler crane showed the crane’s flexibility and power in its application.

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