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Sany’s 40 tonne battery electric tele crawler arrives Down Under

The Sany SCC400TB-EV battery electric tele crawler has landed in Australia courtesy of Tutt Bryant.

Sany and Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift & Shift (TBHL&S) recently welcomed the arrival of the first electric tele crawler SCC400TB-EV models to land in the country. Several were deployed within the TBHL&S fleet, with the remainder available for sale.

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The SCC400TB-EV is a battery electric powered telescopic crawler with a lifting capacity of 40t. 

The new battery electric crane is based on the highly popular telescopic crawler range from Sany but the diesel engine is replaced by an electric operating system capable of retaining the high level performance of the diesel powered version.

The SCC400TB-EV has a maximum boom length of 44m with an optional jib length of 16m. The boom is made of a high-strength steel structure with a U-shape section area. It features five sections, of which the basic boom is 11.3m. It also features a dual cylinder, full power rope row for telescoping.

The SCC400TB-EV includes a number of features designed to provide safe and reliable operation whilst reducing maintenance costs. The battery electric telescopic crawler is equipped with the Danfoss EM-PM1375-T1100-1500 motor, with peak power up to 336kW and a dual motor controller, which can provide torque of up to 2,500Nm.

The SCC400TB-EV is also equipped with a 210kWh lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP battery), which is capable of managing eight hours of operation, depending on the work required on site. TBHL&S travelled to Sany China and physically tested the first SCC400TB-EV to ensure that advertised battery life was possible. The crane actually ran for 10 hours during testing on one charge. The BMS intelligent piping system monitors the battery voltage and temperature in real time, and the battery interior is made from VO-grade fire-proof material.

The Sany SCC400TB-EV battery electric tele crawler has landed in Australia courtesy of Tutt Bryant.
The SCC400TB-EV features an intelligent work environment for the operator.

For the launch of the SCC400TB-EV, Sany has developed the SYIC-III Integrated Control System that is designed to deliver high levels of integration, precise operation and reliable levels of crane operability.

The battery power system includes a main control and a slave control in each battery pack and these adopt a ‘daisy-chain communication’ to achieve the required levels of power in real time and efficient battery system data acquisition and control.

The vector control drive motor system achieves high precision control of motor output and prevents overload, overheating, short circuiting and over-voltage protection as well as other safety functions.

The SCC400TB-EV Control System manages the battery system, the drive motor and power supply systems, main control, torque limiter, auxiliary and safety monitoring systems. 

These include a high voltage safety design system that protect against electrical leakage. The high voltage systems on the crane have real-time insulation monitoring functions that are able to cut off circuits should a sudden electric leakage occur.

The boom hoist mechanism on SCC400TB-EV features a dual-acting single piston hydraulic cylinder, with a safety balance valve and a luffing angle of between 1.5 and80 degrees. The cylinder allows luffing down through self-weight to reduce energy consumption and increase the stability of luffing down operation.

The swing mechanism adopts a wet swing brake that is a spring loaded. It is normally a closed brake with braking provided through a spring force. The swing system is equipped with an integrated swing buffer valve that has a free slipping function. This assists with a steady start and control of an excellent inching function.

The unique swing buffer design and steady brake provide an external gear swing drive with a 360 degree swing range, a maximum swing speed of two revolutions per minute and maximum drive pressure reaching 20MPa. The swing lock cylinder device ensures the upperworks are locked in four directions after the work is done or during transport.

The counterweights are designed into blocks for self-assembly and easier transport. The rear counterweight totals 13t and is capable of self-assembly. 

The upper works of the crane features a high-strength steel weld framework, with no torsion or deformation. The parts are set out in a manner that makes maintenance and service easier. TBHL&S transports the SCE400TB-EV as a complete unit without the need of support trucks.


The SCC400TB-EV features an intelligent work environment for the operator. 

The integrated Load Moment Indication (LMI) Control System is standard, and it is calibration-free. It ensures the safe operation of the crane and improves the crane’s productivity and efficiency.

The LMI system can automatically detect the weight of the load, the working radius and boom angle and compares this with rated load weight and actual load, work radius and boom angle. In normal operation, the LMI control system will make judgments and cut off operations if the crane is headed beyond its designed capacities. It also acts as black box to record overload information.

The Sany SCC400TB-EV battery electric tele crawler has landed in Australia courtesy of Tutt Bryant.
The SCC400TB-EV has a maximum boom length of 44m with an optional jib length of 16m.

Over-release protection device of the main/auxiliary winch features a three-wrap protector installed on the main and auxiliary load hoist winches to prevent an over-release of wire rope. When the rope is paid out close to the last three wraps, the limit switch is actioned, and the system sends an audible alarm as well as a displayed alarm on the instrument panel, automatically cutting off the winch action.

If the function lock level is not in the work position, all other handles won’t work, which prevents any misoperation caused by accidental collision. The electrical swing lock will only allow swing action when the lock is released, so as to prevent any operational error and ensure the safety of the operator and those working close to the crane.

The remote monitoring system is standardised, providing functions like GPS locating, GPRS data transfer, machine status inquiry and statistics, monitoring of operational data and remote analysis and remote diagnosis of failures.

The load indication panel features three colours –  green, yellow, and red – and these indicate the position of the load in real-time. When the actual load is less than 90 per cent of the rated load, the green light remains on.

When the actual load is between 90 and 100 per cent of the rated load, the yellow light switches on, the alarm light flashes and sends out intermittent sirens. If the actual load reaches 100 per cent of rated load, the red light switches on, the alarm light flashes and the emits continuous sirens. Should the actual load reach 102 per cent of rated load, the system will automatically cut off the crane’s operation.

The display screen in the cab can then display the battery’s state of charge (SOC), power battery voltage, power battery charge and discharge. It can also display the instantaneous power of the driving motor, charging mark, lifting weight and boom angle, as well as other working parameters and numbers relating to the working status of the crane.  

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