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Sany reveals massive Australian revenue in 2023 financial report

Sany has reported an AUD 3.5 billion revenue in the Australian and Asian markets, marking a growth of 11.1 per cent year-on-year.

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Announced in Sany Heavy Industries’ 2023 international earnings report, the company also reported a year-on-year growth of 37.97 per cent in European markets, giving the manufacturer just over AUD 3.4 billion in revenue for the year in the region.

“Sany boasts a vibrant overseas market, top-tier partners, and an energetic local team,” said Xiang Wenbo, chairman of Sany Heavy Industries. “Looking ahead this year, we remain committed to our ‘Globalisation, Digitalisation and Decarbonisation’ strategy, as we continue to work with global partners to explore green development.”

Overall, Sany reported a global international business revenue of just under AUD nine billion and a net profit of AUD 950 million, giving the manufacturer an 18 per cent and 4.16 per cent year-on-year increase respectively. The company’s share of international revenue represents 60 per cent of its total revenue, meaning Sany’s total intake was around AUD 15 billion for the 2023 year – a figure down by 8.44 per cent year-on-year. Furthermore, lifting machinery represented 21 per cent of the company’s international revenue, with excavating machinery taking the biggest proportion at 38 per cent.

Full details of the report can be read here.

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