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Sany displays new battery electric telescopic crawler

During bauma 2022 Sany displayed the first model of the battery powered electric telescopic crawler, the 80t capacity SCE800TB-EV.

The SCE800TB-EV is a battery electric powered telescopic crawler with a lifting capacity of 80t. The new battery electric crane is based on the highly popular SCE800TB, with the engine replaced by an electric operating system capable of retaining the high level performance of
the diesel powered version.

The SCE800TB-EV has a maximum boom length of 47m with an optional jib length 17.5m. The boom is made of high-strength steel structure with a U-shape section area. It features five sections, of which the basic boom is 12.2m. It also features dual cylinder, full power rope row for telescoping.

The SCE800TB-EV includes a number of features designed to provide safe and reliable operation whilst reducing maintenance costs. The battery electric telescopic crawler is equipped with the Danfoss EM-PM1375-T1100-1500 motor with peak power up to 336kw and dual motor controller which can provide torque of up to 2500N.M.

The SCE800TB-EV is also equipped with a 282kWH lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP battery) which is capable of managing eight hours of operation depending on the work required on site. The BMS intelligent piping system monitors the battery voltage and temperature in real time, and the battery interior is made from VO grade fire-proof material.

For the SCE800TB-EV, Sany has developed the SYIC-III Integrated Control System which is designed to deliver high levels of integration, precise operation and reliable levels of crane operability.

The battery power system includes a main control and a slave control in each battery pack and these adopt a ‘daisy-chain communication’ to achieve the required levels of power in real time and efficient battery system data acquisition and control.

The vector control drive motor system achieves high precision control of motor output and prevents overload, over heating, short circuiting, over voltage protection as well as other safety functions. 

The SCE800TB-EV Control System manages the battery system, the drive motor and power supply systems, main control, torque limiter, auxiliary and safety monitoring systems. The controller features CAN bus technology which is applied between the display monitor, the battery power system and the drive motor system providing line data communication. 

The display screen in the cab can then display the battery’s state of charge (SOC), power battery voltage, power battery charge and discharge. It can also display the instantaneous power of the driving motor, charging mark, lifting weight and boom angle, as well as other working parameters and numbers relating to the working status of the crane. 

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