SANY delivers first in Australia

Preston Group recently took delivery of an 80t capacity SANY telescopic crawler, the first of its kind in Australia. The SANY SCC800TB dramatically increasing the capabilities of its SuperCrane fleet. The crane went straight to work on Melbourne’s Level Crossing Removal projects.

“This crane is an incredible asset for us. We are always listening to what our client’s need and the type of equipment that will help them to solve site challenges and requirements,” said Lambert. “The opportunity presented itself to us to add this machine to the fleet and we jumped at it. It is a very welcomed addition to our SuperCrane family,”

“Having a crane of this calibre in our fleet is incredibly advantageous and a massive achievement for Preston Hire as we grow into new territory. This impressive SANY machine has already shown how in-demand it is having left our branch immediately for a nine month plus hire. We don’t think it will be spending much time in our yard which is exactly how we like it,” he said.

The SANY SCC800TB is now the largest crane in its fleet giving it the capability to cater to a broad range of applications across various industries. As the first machine of its kind in Australia, the machine also demonstrates its continued commitment to innovation and provides its customers with the latest technology and state of the art products available in the market, according to Lambert.

The SANY SCC800TB went straight out on hire with Geotech Victoria working on various Level Crossing Removal projects happening across the Melbourne over the next six months.

The Victorian Government is removing 18 dangerous level crossings and building 12 new stations as part of a $3 billion upgrade on the Frankston line that will improve safety, reduce congestion and run more trains, more often.

The 80t crawler is currently working on a project located at Bonbeach in Melbourne. It is being utilised to unload sheets piles and to feed them to the piling rig. Each pack of sheets weighs approximately 20t and the sheet piling works is in preparation for the removal of the level crossing at Bondi Road, Bonbeach. Steel sheets are being driven into the ground along the rail corridor, forming retaining walls for the new rail trench.

The SANY SCC800TB is the first of its kind in the country and is designed, engineered and manufactured for the rigorous conditions seen in Australian. The telescopic crawler has a lifting capacity of 80t and features a high-strength steel boom with U-shape section area. The boom includes five sections, of which the basic boom is 12.2m and the total length is 47m. Two lengths of fixed jib, 10.2m and 17.5m, can be installed in angles of 0°, 15° and 30°.

The power for the crawler is generates by an ISUZU 6HK1XKSC-01 diesel engine type: 4 cycle, water-cooled, vertical in-line 6, direct injection, turbo-charger, intercooler, compliant with European Off-way Tier III Emission standard.

The electrical control system has been developed by SANY. The SYIC-II integrated control system manages integration and precise operation of the cranes’ power system, engine, main control system, LMI system, auxiliary system and safety monitoring system. CAN BUS is used for data communication between controller, monitor and the engine. The working parameters and status are shown on the monitor, such as the engine speed, fuel volume, engine oil pressure, servo pressure, wind speed, engine working hours, lifting conditions and boom angle.

The integrated LMI control system is standard and it is calibration-free. It ensures the operation safety and improves efficiency of the crane. the LMI system can automatically detect the load weight, working radius and boom angle and compare this with the rated load weight and actual load, work radius and boom angle. In normal operation, it can make judgments and cut off the operation if the crane is operating outside set parameters.

The SANY SCC800TB is designed to be manoeuvrable around construction sites with independent travel driving units are adopted for each side of the crawler. These enable straight walking and turning driven by the travel motor through gearbox and drive wheel. There are high-speed and low-speed options for travel as fast as 2.5km/h.

The crawlers can extend and retract under high pressure provided by auxiliary system and electrically-controlled cylinder. During normal operation (SCC800TB has extended and retracted working mode) and can be retracted during transport to stay on the machine. The machine is capable of pivot turning and single track turning.

The cab has been designed with the operator in mind. The cab is bright with ample space providing a wide view of the surrounding work area. It can also tilt to 20° for a better view of the load. It features low and high-beam lights, back-view mirror, heater and A/C, and other functions. The layout of seat, handles, control buttons are designed with ergonomic principles to make operation more comfortable.

The integrated 26cm touch screen, programmable smart switches, vibration handles are offered as optional. The left and right armrest box feature control handles, electrical switches, emergency stop and ignition switches. The armrest box can be adjusted along with the multi-way and multi-level floating adjustable seat.
Multiple cameras can be presented on the monitor at the same time to enable real-time monitoring of wire rope on each winch, conditions behind the counterweight and work site activities surrounding the machine.

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