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SANY Cranes a part of expansion of port in the Southern Region of Brazil

The fertiliser import area at the Port of Paranaguá is expanding. The expansion of the conveyor belts began and should be completed in 2023, which will provide a substantial change in the way and time for unloading products.

The transformation of the port involves expanding its capacity, and it is through the unloading plank that the production is transported. In the heart of the operation, we can find SANY’s AT cranes trucks (all terrains cranes), models SAC2200S and SAC2500S, which are operating day and night in this expansion project. The rental company Montepar is carrying out the work.

“The main focus is to serve the Port of Paranaguá with the new facilities, contributing to development”  adds Leomar Medeiros, director of Montepar.

Before the work, depending on the density and type of fertiliser, the board operated with a capacity of 6,000 to 7,000 tons per day. Once completed, the quantity should rise to 12,000 tonnes a day. In addition, much of what is unloaded through grabs in hoppers and deposits in trucks will be transported by conveyor belt. Currently, around 80% of the fertiliser that leaves the ships is removed with the help of trucks.

Total investments will be around R$ 220 million, as provided for in the lease agreement signed with the Administration of the Ports of Paranaguá and Antonina (APPA), which is the port authority responsible for Portos Paranaenses, in the southern region of Brazil.

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