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Ronco and SANY gaining momentum

Following a strong finish to 2020, SANY’s crane dealer for Western Australia, Ronco has imported a number of SANY cranes for Western Australian customers. Ronco’s, sales manager Roger Cross explains more.

“From the start of this year, we have imported a number of models for customers which have gone straight to work. We also have two brand new models in stock and on display at the Ronco yard, and we are welcoming interested customers to visit our facility and inspect the new rough and all terrain models.

“We want customers to see firsthand what we have been telling them about the quality of the SANY cranes. All along, we have been saying, the quality of SANY products speak for themselves. SANY does it right, without shortcuts. The cranes are designed and engineered for the tough and rigorous conditions found in this state. The rugged nature of the SANY product makes the cranes highly durable and they are engineered and manufactured to improve performance efficiencies whilst maintaining a strong focus on safety,” said Cross.

Cross confirmed the new models recently introduced by Ronco include a new 110t capacity all terrain and a 60t capacity rough terrain.

“The SANY 110t all terrain is the SAC1100S1 model. As with all SANY equipment it is made with world class componentry including, Mercedes Benz Engine, ZF Transmission, Kessler drop box and axles with disc brakes, Rexroth and Kawasaki hydraulic pumps and motors.

“It also features 56m of main boom, a single cylinder boom pinning system, tilting crane cabin with a clear 25cm touch screen display. Counterweight loading is from crane cabin and it has the strongest line pull in its class. It is also a single engine drive machine with the shortest overall length in its class,” he said.


“The SANY 60t Rough Terrain is the SRC600C model. It features a Cummins engine, Dana transmission, Kessler axles, Rexroth swing motor, Danfoss winch motors with Casappa and Permco pumps. It features 43.5m of main boom which is the longest in its class and it has the strongest Tonne Moment in class.

“Dual telescoping modes make it the fastest telescoping and luffing rough terrain in its class and the fastest adjustable hoisting speed in its class. It also features a clear 25cms touch screen display,” said Cross.

The growth and success of SANY and Ronco in the crane industry is built on three fundamental aspects of its operation. These being the quality of the product, the innovation in terms of design engineering and manufacture of every product, and a commitment to customer support excellence, says Cross.

“The first of these, product quality, is easily demonstrated by the fact that today, SANY is the third largest construction machinery manufacturer in the world. Service quality, too, is a fundamental part of business philosophy for both SANY and Ronco.

“SANY’s mission is to show that quality changes the world. Ronco has three decades of experience with cranes, extensive industry knowledge unique to Western Australia and we are committed to the highest standards of after sales support, spare parts and service. The combined team believes it can bring genuine value and excellence to SANY-Ronco customers in all aspects of crane sales in the state,” said Cross.

The Ronco is a strong partner for SANY with a recognised pedigree in the crane sector says Cross.

“Ronco is an award-winning crane and equipment specialist in its own right, having won an Engineers Choice Award for the design of the R6000 crane. This was the first time crane design and engineering had been recognised in the Southern Hemisphere.

“We are a crane sales and service company specialising in structural repairs, major inspections, new and used sales and servicing. We offer complete solutions to the owners and purchasers across a broad range of plant and equipment,” said Cross.

“We represent a number of crane and machinery brands including TIDD pick and carry cranes, SANY telescopic boom crawlers, SANY lattice boom crawlers, SANY truck cranes, SANY rough terrains, SANY all terrains, Hyva vehicle loading cranes and more specialised lifting equipment such as Scheuerle SPMT, SPMT Power Hoss and wind tower carrying segments.

“Ronco stock and supply genuine spare parts for these brands and more. Services and capabilities include, procurement of non-mainstream equipment, design and manufacture capability, large maintenance and repairs facility and plant storage yard, EPA approved steam cleaning services, abrasive blasting facilities and disposal of old plant,” said Cross.

Geoff Thorpe, an experienced crane mechanic recently obtained his crane ticket in a SANY SCC500 at the ‘Australian High Risk Training’ centre in Perth.

“The cranes operation is simple, but practical for a 12 year old machine. The controls were smooth throughout the testing even with a slight breeze the joysticks gave me good feedback to be able to catch the load. The SANY was fine-tuned enough on the winch controls to allow me to easily float the load and meet the requirement of the training assessor,” said Thorpe.

When asked the question about the crane’s comfort and visibility of surrounds from the operator’s seat, Thorpe’s response was, “Vision was good and it was a hot day to be behind all that glass here in Perth, possibly 35⁰C, but the air conditioning kept up. It is obvious that SANY backs it product with parts availability because even though the crane is 12-year-old, it performed really well and it is in great condition,” he said.

Members of the Ronco team have visited the SANY factory. All have been impressed with the nature of the world class, state-of-the-art facility and the levels of innovation and integrity demonstrated at every stage of the production line.

The factory includes: an unmanned fabrication shop, automatic sorting, an automated welding shop, unmanned CNC machining centre, intelligent paint shop, vertical warehouse and assembly line. SANY assembles all major components on rolling assembly prior to assembly. The finished machine takes a short period of time to assemble on a rolling road, which results in higher product turnaround and reduced purchase costs for its customers. Welding and fabrication areas feature automated welding systems. Once welding is finished, SANY engineers conduct inspections with appropriate measuring and NDT testing tools, checking each welding detail to guarantee product integrity, standards and quality.

“When it comes to customer support, both SANY and Ronco will have your back. SANY is dedicated to constant improvement. Local representatives listen to feedback from the dealer’s sales and management team which is fed through to the factory and promptly responded to with the best solution,” said Cross.

“SANY’s team is market-centred and customer-driven and they are live up to their spirit of workmanship and striving for excellence. Experienced SANY technicians, as well as a parts interpreter, are permanently based in Western Australia. SANY’s support team is committed to be SANY Group’s greatest strength today and into the future.

“Both SANY and Ronco have a very strong orientation towards customer support, with spare parts availability being a major focus. After 30 years of servicing the construction and mining industries, Ronco has a network of overseas suppliers with thousands of parts for all makes. We also have a broad range of SANY parts in stock and ready for dispatch,” he said.

“SANY is a forward thinking and driven company. Born in a time of change SANY constantly examines opportunities within changing market demands and environments, that will lead the way to future developments.


“SANY’s great value equipment and flexible finance packages help customers purchase the cranes they need now – to help deliver projects in full and on time, and make their accountants smile into the bargain,” said Cross.


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