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Chillin’ with Precision

Precision Rigging & Logistics completed a job in Uluru showcasing its end-to-end logistical solutions.

Queensland-based lifting solutions company Precision Rigging & Logistics holds a company-wide ethos of providing an innovative solution to the impossible tasks. Managing Director Luke Williams talks about the company’s inception, its capabilities, and a recent job undertaken in Yulara, Central Australia. 

Precision Rigging & Logistics will provide an innovative solution if there’s a seemingly impossible task at hand. 

It could be transporting equipment to complete a job out in Rockhampton; it could be going to the far-northern, warmer climes of Cairns; it could even be a range of helicopter lifts, because that’s what the situation requires. For Luke Williams, the Managing Director at Precision Rigging & Logistics, there’s regularly been a unique solution to a range of problems presented to his company by clients.

“That’s our bread and butter, really,” he says. “The unusual stuff.”

Backed by a 14-year career in the mining and construction industries, Luke’s career has seen him specialise in rigging equipment and heavy mechanical relocations. Having been at his current role for nearly eight years, Luke’s time running the Brisbane-based logistics company has seen it grow from humble beginnings operating out the back of a hatchback to working with some of the largest crane companies in Australia.

“There’s a lot of unusual solutions that we provide,” he says. “Whether it’s a crane, rigging, or a helicopter lift, we strive to be as efficient as possible, which is what we’ve built our success on as a company.” 

As he acknowledges, all the jobs completed at Precision are “dependent” on the restraints imposed on the business; but, as he also highlights, the team at Precision Rigging & Logistics do what they do to “make sure the job gets done” in the safest, most professional, and efficient way.

Precision Rigging commenced operations in 2015 specialising in innovative mechanical rigging solutions. The company prides itself on providing an end-to-end solution for lifting jobs on the east coast of Australia falling within its capabilities, specialising in on-site mechanical rigging; relocation, removal, and positioning of a range of different equipment; and a craneage, transport, and logistics package that can be tailored to customers’ demands.

Precision Rigging & Logistics completed a job in Uluru showcasing its end-to-end logistical solutions.
Luke and the team employed a gantry crane to help manoeuvre the new chiller into place, emblematic of Precision’s ability to come up with tailor-made, customised lifting and shifting solutions.

Operating for a full four years before the pandemic sunk its claws into the Australian economy, Luke says the pandemic was an opportune moment for Precision to “restructure the business” and get its ducks in a row.

Choosing to spend the company’s downtime investing in staff and back of house procedures, Luke says the goal at Precision was to make sure the company was prepared for whatever the future may entail. Inclusive of upskilling the people working there and reinvesting in training procedures to ensure staff were able to achieve the most out of themselves, Luke says being prepared on all fronts was necessary because not knowing what was coming next was “daunting”.

“Once we felt like things were starting to get back to normal, we doubled down on our efforts,” he says. “We put Chris Finch, a rigger with 25 years of experience, into an estimation role; we hired our administration star, Michelle Disiot, to add further experience and support to our backend operating systems; and from there, we’ve been going in leaps and bounds in terms of our operational capacities.”

For Luke, the “leaps and bounds” were evidenced by a job to replace an obsolete large water chiller recently undertaken in one of the most environmentally harsh, remote areas to travel to in Australia: Yulara.

The first point to note, as Luke says, is the nature of transporting machinery to such a remote area. 

“One of our points of difference was that we could source all the equipment we needed to use ourselves without relying heavily on the supply chain, which increased our capacity to complete the job efficiently and effectively,” he says. 

“Then, we were able to pull all the componentry apart and lift it out using our crane truck,” he continues. “We then proceeded to put together a gantry so the machine could get rebuilt manually inside the room.”

After all, at the core of Precision Rigging’s unique, innovative, customised solutions, is maintaining charge of the situation. Luke highlights the company’s capacity to be in control of the logistical processes they’re involved with from start to finish as a reason why the company is in such high demand across the industry.

“This replacement and removal of an obsolete chiller typifies the kind of work that we do,” he says. “We want to maintain a firm sense of control on what we can, so we ensure efficiency and minimise delays for whoever engages our service. Generally, this means providing tailored, outside-of-the-box solutions.”


With business, market, and logistical nous comes awareness, and the team at Precision Rigging & Logistics are aware of exactly what they can achieve – which means also knowing the company’s limitations. This isn’t a problem for Luke, however; enjoying a solid, stable, prosperous working relationship with the team at Borger Cranes, Luke says Precision Rigging are all about finding the right solutions for its customers, which can sometimes mean working in partnership with neighbouring businesses. 

“We know what we’re good at, and we know that we’ve got friends such as Borger Cranes in the industry who are more than capable of providing craneage,” he says. “We focus on providing complete logistical solutions packages, and that’s what we want to specialise in.”

Precision Rigging & Logistics’ pedigree only substantiates this. Providing customised, tailor-made solutions – no matter how unique or innovative – is the company’s strong suit, as Luke says.

“We’ve completed well over 3000 jobs in our eight-year history, and we pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions for seemingly impossible jobs.”

Precision Rigging & Logistics completed a job in Uluru showcasing its end-to-end logistical solutions.
Since its inception, Precision Rigging has focused on providing innovative end-to-end solutions for seemingly impossible tasks.
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