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Pre-start checks, logbooks and digital methods with Pervidi

Pre-start checks are a fundamental part of any organisation dealing with machinery, vehicles or industry equipment. The mobile device app from Pervidi enables users to automate this often time consuming and labour intensive process.

With many businesses and firms having a wide variety of these, pre-start checks can be a logistical and inspection bottleneck. Improper methods and processes can lead to waiting times being exasperated, cranes and other lifting equipment being potentially unsafe and overall company efficiency decreasing. For lifting organisations wanting to ensure their pre-start procedures are both thorough and effective, digital methods are the way forward.

Mobile inspection applications are today providing ways of reporting not feasible and conceived possible 10 years ago. Applications on a smartphone and tablet can capture an incredibly high amount of information in the palm of your hand.

Features such as barcode scanning, picture-taking and annotation are ensuring every pre start check or inspection can record the very best information; invaluable for later inspections and use of a piece of equipment. Similarly beneficial to an inspector, operator or technician, is the attachment of manuals, previous inspection reports or any other reference material deemed necessary to a specific checklist.

No more large manuals or logbooks to carry around for every crane or hoist pre-start check just in case its needed; specific checklist parts can receive a specific manual/reference material section.

The pre start checklist can also be broken down into subsections with standardised response parts, or lengthy regular textbox sections. Each checklist can be updated over-the-air, allowing new regulations or important information to be transmitted to inspectors and machinery users instantaneously. This means that the newest regulation on safety for lifting equipment, can be passed onto inspectors in the field as soon as its issued. Operators can truly make use of the very best mobile device technology to speed up their pre-start procedures.

How lifting organisations can integrate pre-tart checks digitally:

Paperless Inspection Application can help you take your pre-start checks digital. Most software applications are formed by two parts; the mobile device app, and the back-end portal and database. For a true digital ecosystem, this can be hosted on the Cloud (SaaS) or on a private server (In house- on premise), with both options allowing seamless integration with current business intelligence, (BI) or ERP systems.

Pre-start checklists on your mobile device:

The mobile device app by Pervidi is intuitive, user-friendly and a powerful tool for operators. Whilst it has vast potential for integration for checklists and existing inspection methods, it can remain simple and fast when needed. Each checklist can be highly customised, or taken from an extensive library of pre-designed and industry standards. This ensures that you always have what you need when you are about to start up the machinery, crane, vehicle or equipment before use.

The mobile app also boasts an offline mode for recording, meaning you can inspect your machinery in the middle of the jungle, ocean or desert, wherever your operations may take you. Internet access is only required when you wish to synchronise your data with the back-end portal for analysis.

The Integrated Web-Portal Management System:

The application on the smartphone or tablet is paired with a highly adaptable and versatile computerised management system, accessible from any device via a web-portal 24X7. The system can integrate with existing CMMS software, give automatic scheduling and reports to technicians, and give you in-depth analysis of data. Data can be split across different pre-start checks for different type of equipment depending on what your business uses. Results can be automatically sent to management teams via customised triggers, saved to a logbook or downloaded and given to any future checklist. Whilst keeping your data secure, the Pervidi back-end system can identify problem trends, and correct deficiencies before they become a large issue through notifications to the right people in real-time.

Benefits of paperless solutions for pre start checks include:

  • Paper work is eliminated from the process
  • The possibility of human error is minimised there is no “double entry” of data
  • Standardisation of the activities
  • Realtime reporting of findings and corrective actions
  • Each item has a comprehensive audit trail
  • Comprehensive reports can be created in real time
  • Improvement of operator efficiency
  • Empower staff
  • Simplify repeatable tasks and provide staff with an easy solution

Where paperless pre start and inspection applications really show their worth in the inspection process is after the inspection is complete. Paperless apps mean every report is automatically filed, with trigger notifications to the fleet manager or the mechanic in real time. That also means the fleet manger and other stakeholders can be emailed the inspection report as soon as it’s complete and management can see an overview of your business in real time.

Repair and maintenance can get trigger notifications as soon as something is failed on a pre start inspection, so they know immediately what needs to be fixed and management can get notifications telling them what they need to replace.

With a wide array of features and several ways to integrate to modern business, paperless inspection applications truly are the future for the lifting industry.

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