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Potain’s Zhangjiagang factory eclipses 2022 numbers by August

Potain's Zhangjiagang factory has eclipsed its 2022 numbers of tower cranes shipped.

Manitowoc-owned Potain’s Zhangjiagang factory has already shipped more tower cranes this year than the entirety of its 2022 operations.

From January to August, shipments from the plant rose by 44.5 per cent compared to the same period last year. Additionally, the factory reported a 66.6 per cent year-on-year jump in equipment transactions in the second quarter, with cranes exceeding 200-ton-meters making up over 71.2 per cent of those transactions.

According to the tower crane manufacturers, the surge in tower crane business from Potain’s Zhangjiagang factory is a testament to the factory’s strong production capabilities and exceptional operational efficiency.

The factory broadened its scope to meet market demands earlier this year, according to Potain. The company integrated new and advanced equipment and technology, adopted management principles from its parent company Manitowoc, and refined supply chain operations to guarantee raw material availability and reduce operational costs.

The news comes as four of Potain’s tower cranes are set to complete a record-breaking bridge build in the west of India on the Pune-Mumbai missing link.

Earlier this year, Potain announced the arrival of its largest ever flat-top tower crane.

Potain, the Manitowoc brand of tower cranes, was founded in 1928 in France.

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