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Potains shaping India

Potain cranes give shape to major new residential development in Pune, India.

Almost a dozen Potain cranes were used to progress construction of a prestigious residential development in Mamurdi, northwest Pune, Maharashtra. The cranes were a mix of Potain MCi 85 and MCT 85 models. The Potain MCi 85 is one of the most popular tower cranes of all time in India, with units in operation all over the country to this day. In recent years it has been replaced with the MCT 85, an equally well-loved topless tower crane with similar characteristics but with several design advances.

Spread over a total area of around 15 acres, Godrej Forest Grove comprises a total of 14 towers, each of 22-storeys, built as seven separate structures. Despite being conveniently nestled at the intersection of three major routes – Old NH-4 Highway, Katraj-Dehu Road and Mumbai-Pune Expressway – the 1,100-apartment complex is surrounded by lush green hills and two lakes.

A development of Godrej Properties, using an assortment of contractors including Madhure, Millennium, Tricon, and Viraj Projects, the project was constructed using 14 Potain tower cranes; a mix of the original MCi 85 hammerhead and the MCT 85 topless crane. Built in Manitowoc’s facility just 30 km away, both models have long been hugely successful in the domestic market, with the MCT 85 proving a worthy successor to its immensely popular forebear.

The MCT 85 now offers all mechanisms with variable-frequency drive as an option, enabling finer control of the crane. Performance is strong too, for example when fitted with the standard issue 25 PC 13 hoist, the lifting speed can reach a maximum of 71 m/min, giving a huge boost to jobsite productivity.

The MCT 85 also adds an extra 2 m of working radius over its predecessor, reaching 52 m, while providing enhanced load capacity towards the end of the jib. Offering up to 100 kg of additional capacity over the MCi 85’s 1.3 t limit at 50 m radius, the topless crane also boasts a freestanding height under hook of 47.6 m.

Inside story

On the Godrej Forest Grove project, all the cranes were configured in the internal floor-climbing mode, ending the project with heights under hook between 70 m and 80 m, and with jib lengths of 25 m to 30 m. Especially popular in India and throughout Asia, the internal climbing configuration is built around 1.2 m-square mast sections that enable the crane to fit inside even the narrowest elevator shafts and operate with shorter jib lengths to maximize lifting capacity. In this set-up, the cranes can be initially configured at a maximum freestanding height of 33.2 m.

With no cathead at their top, it is much easier to adjust jib lengths on topless cranes, such as the MCT 85. The shorter jibs are made possible by working from within the structure, rather than outside the perimeter, and add even more to the cranes’ proficiency in confined spaces, where overlapping operations might create problems for hammerhead models.

Additionally, topless cranes are easier and faster to erect than traditional hammerhead cranes and can be transported to the jobsite in fewer truckloads. In fact, with much of the MCT 85 pre-assembled at the factory, its entire upperworks – which requires installation in only two sections – can be moved in just two loads.

Solid performance

“When they arrived on site, some of the cranes were new and some were older, but the reliability of them all was in evidence throughout the project,” said Prashant Suryawanshi, managing director at Manitowoc Cranes India. “The proven Potain technology, such as the internal climbing design, really made sure this project stayed on schedule, while reducing both equipment and operating costs.”

With a planned completion date of April 2024, the Godrej Forest Grove complex offers high-end apartments within easy commuting distance of several prominent tech parks. Amenities will include a 1,500 m2 clubhouse, open cafeteria, amphitheater, indoor functional workout zone, basketball court, multipurpose court, and a gym and two-tier play pool exclusively for children.

Surrounded by refreshing greenery, it also boasts an orchard of approximately 100 fruit-bearing trees, which will provide healthy snacks for residents exercising on the estate’s nature trail, as well as contributing to improving air quality around the site.

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