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Potain’s five-star performance

Five Potain tower cranes work on a new airport in India.

Five Potain tower cranes have been selected to help construct India’s new Noida International Airport on the outskirts of New Delhi.

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Brought in by construction company, Tata Projects, two Potain MCT 565 A topless tower cranes will construct a new terminal building, while three Potain MCT 385 A tower cranes have been rented to provide full coverage on the major infrastructure project. According to Deputy General Manager of Plant and Machinery at Tata Projects, Alok Banik, the quality the company perceives in Potain is reflected by the “longstanding relationship” Tata has held with Potain India.

“Over the years, we’ve had remarkable performance from our older Potain cranes, some of which have been in operation for more than 25 years without a breakdown,” he said. “That speaks volumes for the quality and durability of Potain cranes, and the MCT 565 A continues that proud tradition.”

All five of the tower cranes will lead the construction of the main terminal building, which is scheduled for completion at the end of 2024. The Potain MCT 565 A cranes, an upgraded version of the MCT 565, offer shorter minimum jib length, shorter minimum counter-jib length, and better load curves at short jibs. For the job, The MCT 565 A cranes have been configured with a freestanding height under hook of 60.9m and an 85m main boom, scaled up by 5m after Tata requested Manitowoc Lift Solutions to provide extra coverage on the jobsite – a factor that heavily influenced Tata’s decision to proceed with Potain’s tower cranes.

The MCT 385 A tower cranes, on the other hand, have been erected with a 75m jib length and a freestanding height of 61.4m under the hook to go with its 16-tonne maximum lifting capacity. With a rapidly approaching timeline for construction of the new airport, reliability and crane speed were two must-haves for the team at Tata.

The Noida International Airport is set to become India’s largest and most important airport, and is set to transform aviation infrastructure in the country, according to Tata Projects.


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