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Potain leads 10-storey residential construction

The used Potain crane, the MD 305 B, in action for Filli Partner on the City Plaza in Moldova.

A Potain MD 305 B tower crane is currently leading construction work on a major new apartment development in Moldova.

Purchased for a lower cost due to its used state by real estate developer Filli Partner, the crane is working on the ‘City Plaza’ development, a residential project in central Ungheni. Once complete, the 10-storey City Plaza project will cover 34,000sqm and measure up to 32m above ground, broken down into 24,000sqm of residential space allocated for 234 homes plus a further 9500sqm for commercial space.

Building work on the new residential development is set to last two years, with the project’s opening scheduled for the first quarter of 2025. For founder and administrator of Filli Partner, Iurie Gisca, the Potain MD 305 B crane left the Moldovan company “extremely impressed” with the “efficiency and capabilities” of the Potain tower crane, while also reserving special praise for the used cranes team at Potain through whom the crane was purchased.

“Selecting this model eliminated the need for two cranes, delivering significant efficiency to our project,” he said. “The Potain Used Cranes sales team was easy to do business with and we’d certainly look at future collaborations.”

The Potain MD 305 B possesses a maximum capacity of 12 tonnes, is capable of bearing up to 70m of jib in length, and holds the ability to lift 3.2 tonnes at its jib end. The crane is working with its full 70m jib on the new residential building in Moldova, which allows it to cover the entire jobsite.

According to a press release from Manitowoc, used cranes from Potain provide a “high-quality option at a lower cost” and come with Manitowoc’s “industry-leading” support network behind the purchase. Other benefits include shorter delivery times – a “few weeks” in some instances, as well as a range of other benefits, with Sergey Neznamov, the regional Sales Manager for tower cranes for Manitowoc, highlighting the “wise investment” in used Potain cranes, citing the “reliability, cost-effectiveness, and proven performance” on large-scale construction projects.

“Our customers choose used Potain cranes,” he said, “for their fast delivery, renowned quality, and our aftersales support, all of which give them peace of mind.”


The used Potain crane, the MD 305 B, in action for Filli Partner on the City Plaza in Moldova.
The tower crane has been erected with a 70m long jib. Image: Manitowoc
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