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Potain cranes sent to Colne Valley Viaduct project

11 Potain tower cranes have been sourced to aid the Align joint venture in constructing the Colne Valley Viaduct in Northwest London.

Contracted by Sir Robert McAlpine, a UK civil engineering and construction company, 11 of Potain’s MR 225 A luffing jib cranes are set to help establish the 3.4-kilometre viaduct, making it the longest railway bridge in the UK.

With four of the cranes already working on the construction site based on the outskirts of London, the cranes are set to be dismantled in March 2024 after the first was erected in June 2022.

The cranes will continue in their work of lifting concrete formwork and precast sections for 10 hours a day, five days a week, to complete the Colne Valley Viaduct – one segment of the 21.6-kilometre HS2 rail line – in an efficient manner.

The viaduct will be 3.4 kilometres long as part of the 21.6 kilometre HS2 rail line.

The UK-based company is one of the best-known construction companies in the kingdom and already own a fleet of 55 Potain cranes after being a customer for over 30 years.

“Sir Robert McAlpine and Potain have a longstanding relationship that continues to improve through collaboration and innovation,” said Steve Wright, commercial plant manager at Sir Robert McAlpine.

“Our expectations are met with full commitment from both teams to ensure we achieve our aims and objectives to the highest standards.”

Each of the 11 Potain MR 225 A luffing jib cranes used by Sir Robert McAlpine will be configured with a 50-metre jib, enabling them to lift up to 3.25 tonnes at its jib end, with up to 10 tonnes can be handled out to 25 metres. All cranes are set to work with the same configuration, erected on reusable fixing angles with a 17.5 metre height to the jib foot.

Despite its configurations from the UK construction specialists, the cranes can work with 55 metres of jib, giving it a maximum capacity of 14 tonnes with a 2.15-tonne capacity limit at its full radius.

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