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Piling on support and cleaner emissions

During bauma, Dieseko Group launched new products designed to increase support and service capabilities and lower fuel consumption and emissions. David Hopkins, National Sales Manager for Dieseko’s National Distributor Pilequip, explains more.

“Dieseko is constantly working on new product developments and two of these were launched at bauma. The first is a remote diagnostic program called DriveLink and the second is i-TimeR which will help lower fuel consumption and emissions,” David says.

DriveLink is a remote services platform which enables end users to diagnose equipment locally or provide remote access to a Dieseko Group remote support engineer. DriveLink is characterised by a short installation time of less than 30 minutes. 

Using DriveLink a local operator can connect directly to DriveLink-equipped machines with his smartphone. Once connected, the local operator can perform diagnostics or optimise equipment parameters. This connection is end-to-end secured and only authorised operators can access the DriveLink platform. 

Global product support is easier than ever before with DriveLink, which only requires a 4G or Wi-Fi signal to connect local operators to a Dieseko remote support engineer. 

David explains that a remote session is made up of four steps.

“A connection request is sent to the end user and this is an important safety feature which ensures all connections are only made with the approval of the end-user. Once accepted, data can be exchanged through an end-to-end secured connection. Depending on the situation, a detailed diagnosis can be made, or a workaround can be proposed and accepted. 

“In most cases, travel to the equipment site is no longer required. If physical assistance by a Pilequip Service Engineer is required, our service team is standing by 24-7 to assist you at your job sites,” he says.

“There are other features and benefits including onsite diagnostics where you can diagnose your equipment via a smartphone as an equipment operator. No laptop or diagnostic equipment is required. 

“With DriveLink, a Dieseko remote support engineer is available to support your global operation. Adequate specialist support and plannable downtime will optimize Higher Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE),” David says.

Dieseko’s i-Timer will help lower fuel consumption and emissions.

“All of the above translates to lower exploitation costs and higher productivity of your equipment and DriveLink enables detailed diagnostics whenever failures occur, enabling service engineers to get equipment up and running again with maximum efficiency and minimum downtime. The environment benefits as well, with equipment travelling less and more effective usage translates to less CO2 per unit.”

Dieseko Group’s new i-Timer is an excellent solution to further reduce fuel consumption and emissions (NOx) of the hydraulic power packs. The international roadmap to cleaner engines currently ends at the Stage-V / Tier 4 Final qualification. 

The i-Timer will take the cleanliness of the engines one step further as an option to significantly reduce carbon footprints. The i-Timer automatically shuts down the engine to reduce the amount of time it spends idling, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Shutting down the engine when it is not under workload is simply the most effective way to work more efficiently. 

Developing durable equipment in every way is the mission of Dieseko Goup and with more than more than 45 years of experience and specialised knowledge in the development of its equipment, Dieseko and Pilequip understand the central role this plays in a customers’ business, David says.

“Thanks to environmentally friendly innovations, emissions are reduced to meet the international emission regulations without compromising the amount of power this equipment requires. 

“By doing this, Dieseko Group develops equipment that sets the international standard. The iTimer as an excellent savings solution illustrates this business approach,” he says.

“In the Stage-V / Tier 4 Final engines the nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions have been reduced by up to 95% and particulate matter (pm) has almost disappeared altogether. This has been achieved by integrating advanced fuel injection systems, optimised motor management and afterburners in the exhaust system,” David says. 

“Furthermore, Dieseko Group applies the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) AdBlue system to reduce the NOx emissions, the major air pollutant, to an absolute minimum. AdBlue is especially used to reduce emission of this pollutant. It reduces harmful emissions through a chemical reaction into harmless nitrogen and water. 

“The ultimate paradox about these ultra-clean engines is that they have slightly higher fuel consumption and require more maintenance. That is exactly why Dieseko Group has developed the i-Timer,” he says.

The i-Timer can also be installed on previous or existing models of power packs. Especially then a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions up to 75% is possible. Only pre-installation of the iQAN system is required. 

In association with the manufacturers of the diesel engines used in the hydraulic power packs, the Research and Development department of Dieseko Group has found a reliable solution to start and stop the engines. It has been integrated in the IQAN system for optimal regulation. 

The engine will shut down automatically, and restarting the engine occurs manually (by remote control). 

The i-Timer shuts down the diesel engine automatically when it is not under workload.

Before safely turning off the engine, processes need to be stopped or paused safely as well and special modifications have been made to achieve this. 

For instance, the hydraulic pressure remains throughout the system. This is an especially important safety feature for the clamping systems to prevent objects from falling when currently being clamped. 

The i-Timer can help users save a significant percentage of fuel, David says.

“A hydraulic power pack runs approximately 4:1, which means only one of four hours the power pack is running to its full capacity,” he says. 

“By shutting down the engine the remaining three hours will equate to fuel savings of up to 35%.

“A customer’s financial benefit can be calculated through our calculation module. The i-Timer is one of the smart saving innovations and, thanks to i-Timer, the running time can be reduced to up to 75 per cent and it will extend the maintenance interval up to four times.

“This also means less replacement of wear and tear parts, transport and maintenance hours with the i-Timer contributing to a substantially longer economic life with lower annual costs,” he says.

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