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Pilequip’s high quality lifting accessories

For over 20 years, Pilequip has been servicing the civil construction, cranes and lifting, piling and foundation sectors locally. Managing director Michael Procter provides more information on the business.

Pilequip specialises in the sales and support of equipment into these important industry sectors.

“We sell new equipment to these sectors, and we also rent equipment from our extensive rental fleet. We represent a number of global manufacturers locally, and one of these is Dawson Construction Plant,” said Procter.

Dawson Construction Plant (DCP) is one of the world’s leading suppliers of piling equipment and boasts over 40 years of experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing piling-related products in the UK. 

All DCP products are well designed, robust, and durable. They are developed by a team of engineers committed to innovation and developing products that perform in all conditions to give customers a competitive edge on their piling projects. 

“We have represented the Dawson range for over 10 years and their products have an excellent reputation locally,” said Procter. 

“They design, engineer, and manufacture a range of high-quality accessories that are designed to assist in the handling of steel sheets and steel piles. 

“The range includes specially designed clamps to pick up sheets of steel or a steel pile. The range includes various capacities, and they feature various safety mechanisms including manual release clamps or ratchet release clamps.

“We are intent on ensuring the piling and foundation, crane and lifting, as well as the civil construction sectors are aware that these accessories are available to make the lifting of steel beams and sheets, pipes, and piles safer and more efficient.”

The DCP range of products includes the EGRS remote ground release lifting shackle.

This robust pile lifting shackle was contractor designed and developed over many years of site use and abuse. The use of these shackles compliments the ‘feet on the ground’ approach to piling. 

When used in conjunction with the sheet pile threader, there is no need for site operatives to go above the safety of top frame level for interlocking sheet piles or releasing the lifting shackles. The shackles are suitable for lifting all steel piles up to 28mm thick and within the safe working load of the shackle. The shackle is stiffened to resist spreading of the forks when lifting at 90° to the axis of the pile. 

When lifting sheet piles in pairs or individual piles weighing more than the safe working load of the shackle, it is necessary to use multiple shackles in order to keep within the safe working load.

Pairs of shackles can be supplied mounted on a two-legged steel wire rope sling. The advantage being that the standard pair of shackles with lifting sling can be fitted to any pair of Larssen ‘U’ piles, Frodingham ‘Z’ piles, pipe or box piles. No additional parts or change of components is necessary. 

The ring at the top of the sling can be hooked directly onto a standard crane hook block, ‘D’ shackle or fork anchor. Shackles can also be fitted onto a solid steel cross head according to customers’ requirements. 

The lifting capacities of the EGR range goes from 4t to 10t.

The main features of the range include:

   robust high strength cast steel body 

   high alloy steel plunger

   plunger mechanism concealed for maximum protection

   plunger mechanism easily detachable for maintenance

   heavy web stiffening to withstand side left (i.e. 90° to the axis) imposed when lifting piles from a stack

   lifting ring at top of shackle to enable lifting from a variety of angles

   proof loading to twice the safe working load

   indicator bar to give clear visual indication that the plunger has engaged the pile lifting hole completely

   shackle throat depth available in two sizes, 150mm or 250mm, to suit all usual lifting hole positions. 

   quick coupling and release of shackle from piles, ensuring maximum productivity

   ‘safety ring’ to protect against accidental plunger release causedby poor work.

The range also includes the remote ratchet release lifting shackle (ERRS).

There is no need for site operatives to enter a dangerous situation to release the lifting attachment. The shackle is stiffened to resist spreading of the forks when lifting at 90° to the axis of the lift. The lifting capacities for the ERRS range goes from 3.5t to 40t.

The ratchet shackle is designed for lifting steel through standard bolt holes or other units of lift having a suitable hole through which the pin can be conveniently and safely engaged. 

The capacities of the ERRS remote lifting release lifting shackle range from 3.5t up to 40t.

Key features of the range include:

   robust high strength cast steel body

   pin mechanism concealed for maximum protection

   pin mechanism easily detachable for maintenance

   can be used for lifting columns, pipe piles, sheet piles and steel fabrications. 

   heavy web stiffening is used to withstand side lift (i.e. 90° to the axis) imposed when lifting from the horizontal. 

   independently proof load tested to twice the safe working load (SWL).  Test certificates are supplied with each shackle. This design avoids accidental release.

    positive pin release at the proper time. 

More niche products include the steel handling shoe (SHS), which has a safe working load of 2.5t. The SHS is designed to assist in the safe handling of steel sections and splitting from stacks. This is purpose-designed for handling structural sections of steel in workshops, stockyards, and on construction sites. Shoes should be used in pairs on steel wire rope or chain slings, or on a spreader beam. 

The pipe lifting shoe (PLS) has a range of lifting capacities from 12t to 24t. PLSs are made from a high grade cast steel, allowing weight reductions to be made in the design. New features include a radial profile engagement face and all-round grip handling ridges. 

The ERRBS ratchet release beam shackle features a safe working load of 3t.
It is designed to enable steel beams to be lifted into position, and for the shackle to be disconnected safely and efficiently from a remote position. Achieving this result makes the work, faster, more economical, and safer. 

The pile extraction clamp has a SWL of 2.5t and assists in the extraction of sheet piles safely and productively. Once extracted, the piles can be laid down precisely where required, avoiding the pitfalls of releasing piles from the jaws
of a vibrator. 

“The Dawson range of accessories is ideal for any business that is regularly lifting heavy sheets of steel, I-beams and piles – they are purpose made for these applications,” said Procter. 

“The range is designed to increase the efficiencies around the handling of these products and also to enhance the safety of the crews which are onsite and closely involved in these projects.” 

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