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“Perfect” topless tower cranes ease housing crisis

Potain topless tower cranes work on a housing construction project in Netherlands.

Six Potain topless tower cranes are currently aiding the construction of a much-needed residential building in the Netherlands.

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Deployed by Dutch crane specialist, Multi-Crane, in Amsterdam, the ‘De Zaanse Helden’ residential project presented a unique challenge due to its confined spaces. To navigate this, Multi-Crane mobilised three MDT 319 topless tower cranes, two MDT 389 tower cranes, and one MDT 308 A, with the heights under hook varying from 35m to 75.6m, and the jib lengths from 35m to 50m. According to Ralph Breijer, CEO of Multi-Crane, the tower cranes provided the most suitable answer for a space requiring “innovative solutions”.

“Our Potain MDT topless tower cranes, with their easy erection, excellent manoeuvrability, and compact footprints, were the perfect fit,” he said. “Their ability to operate effectively in tight spaces allowed us to maximise lifting capacity and efficiency, ultimately contributing to the project’s progress and success.”


The Potain MDT 319 topless tower crane features a maximum lifting capacity of 12 tonnes, a maximum jib length of 70m, and a maximum height under hook of 74m. The MDT 389, on the hand, features a maximum capacity of 16 tonnes, jib length of 75m, and height under hook of 95.7m, whereas the MDT 308 A holds a 12-tonne capacity, 70m jib length, and 73.2m height under hook.

Potain topless tower cranes work on a housing construction project in Netherlands.
Image: Potain.

All cranes being used on the project are equipped with the new Manitowoc Crane Control System (CCS), offering a user-friendly interface, full graphic display, ergonomic controls, a jog dial for easier navigation and data input, and parts commonality across Grove, Manitowoc, and Potain product lines to enhance operator familiarisation and serviceability.

The De Zaanse Helden residential project is being delivered by contractor Stebru Bouw, and is expected to be completed by the end of this year, ultimately helping the Netherlands’ housing crisis that, according to the International Monetary Fund, sees the country with the highest rise in housing prices in Europe during the pandemic and with the highest average mortgage debt in Europe.

Established in 1991, Multi-Crane is a Dutch company specialising in the global procurement, sales, and rental of tower cranes, self-erecting cranes, and mobile cranes. Multi-Crane operates on a global scale, serving clients across the Netherlands, Northern Europe, the United States, Africa, Asia, and beyond.

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