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Nobles demonstrates state of the art crane simulator

Nobles is using an interactive and immersive virtual reality training and assessment crane simulator to help engage industry and take operator training to the next level.

The Nobles ITI virtual reality (VR) crane simulator now features a full motion base with foot-pedals and moving chair giving operators an even more enhanced immersive VR experience than they currently experience with the existing mobile desktop unit.

According to Malcolm Doyle, Nobles National Business Development Manager, this is the next generation of simulators.

“In terms of a virtual reality experience for crane operators, this is as good as it gets,” he said, “it’s as close to reality as you can get, for now. The motion base chair adds that ‘real motion feel’ for the operator. We’ve had about 30 operators use the system at the conference and they’ve all been very impressed with the experience. It’s a perfect learning tool, young operators will obviously make mistakes and this provides a completely safe environment in which to learn,” he said.

Keith Bishop, Nobles GM Marketing, also praised the ability of  the new simulator.

“We know that the National Commission for Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) in the US has been trialling this simulator and the findings should be reported during the 1st quarter of 2019. We think it’s quite possible that new crane operators will soon be able to gain certification in the US by training and assessment on the VR simulator,” Bishop said.

“As technology continues to develop, so do the capabilities of the virtual world. It’s now possible to create a specific work environment within which operators are able to ‘practice’ complex lifts,” Bishop said. “We’re currently speaking to a major oil and gas company that’s planning a major refurbishment and maintenance program on one of it’s key facilities. There are a number of cranes involved and they can’t afford anything to go wrong or for there to be any delays. So we are discussing creating a digital project environment so the operators can practice and know exactly what they are doing prior to the actual program. Industrial VR Simulation is a very dynamic sector and pretty much anything can now be done with enough resources and focus,” he said.

As well as demonstrating the new Motion Base, Nobles also gave customers an ‘Early Access Preview’ of the soon to be released Overhead Bridge/Gantry Crane Simulator with both 75-tonne and 300-tonne crane types available. These are due for general release in November 2018. Noble also gave an ‘Early Access Preview’ of the tower crane simulator which is based upon the LIEBHERR 550-EC-H – Hammerhead tower crane and this is due to be released in January 2019.

The ITI crane simulator is the world’s leading VR crane operator training and assessment tool with over 50 instances now sold since its launch in 2017 and available exclusively from Nobles in Australia. Starting with a low-cost portable desktop version, due to customer demand the ITI VR simulator has evolved into a full motion base for an even closer to real life crane operating experience. As the ITI VR Crane Simulator continues to grow its crane model/type library, scenarios, courses and software, these updates are available to all unlimited subscribers at no additional cost.  

For further info on Nobles ITI VR Crane Simulators or to organise a free demonstration call 1300 711 559 or email

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