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Nobles and BBRG wire rope distribution partnership winning new customers

The partnership between Nobles and high performance crane rope manufacturer Bridon-Bekaert Ropes has been quickly and positively embraced with strong growth experienced in the mobile, tower and port crane sectors.

It has been just over one year since A. Noble & Son Limited (Nobles) and Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group Australia (BBRG) announced their new long-term national distribution agreement in November 2017. This agreement provided for Nobles to nationally distribute Bridon and WRI branded high-performance crane, industrial and mining ropes to Australian customers.

Nobles and BBRG have already collaborated on many joint customer projects, partnered at the recent CICA conference, and presented and exhibited at the largest Australian mining conference IMARC, recently held in Melbourne. Nobles’ sales of BBRG ropes have soared due to an increase in Bridon wire rope stocks being held by Nobles in all mainland states across Australia. These increased stock levels, with now over 100,000 metres of high-performance Bridon wire rope across a vast breadth of types and sizes, have allowed orders to be processed and dispatched faster than ever before.

Bridon-Bekaert VP Oceania Stuart Callender says the company has seen really positive results from its partnership with Nobles, with the growth of its high-performance ropes in Australia being driven by its collaboration with the Nobles team. “For example, the close work between Nobles and BBRG has substantially grown our sales into the mobile, tower and port crane sectors nationally,” he said.

Nobles Managing Director, Guy Roberts, has enjoyed seeing this partnership go from strength to strength over the past year and as a result the products have been flying off the shelves. “Sales of the new range of Bridon wire rope have been increasing with each passing month,” Roberts says. “We have sold out steadily increasing volumes of BBRG’s high performance wire rope and are on track to exceed our joint growth target for the next financial year.

“Customers are appreciating the stronger performance attributes of BBRG wire rope, faster delivery that comes with new local stocking, combined with smarter advice from the combined technical resources of BBRG, the world’s largest wire rope manufacturer and Nobles, Australia’s leading lifting and rigging specialist.”

Nobles is now stocking across its national network over 25,000 metres of stock of Bridon Dyform 34LR in sizes 16-32mm, over 15,000 metres of Dyform 34LR PI in sizes 14-34mm, over 55,000 meters of Dyform 8PI in sizes 10-32mm and over 5,000m of Dyform DSC8 in sizes 8-14mm, across a variety of constructions in both 1960 and 2160 grades.

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