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NOBLE10 “chainged” the game, now in larger sizes

Nobles new NOBLE10 chain lifting system now includes larger sizes for heavier lifting applications.

Since the launch of NOBLE10 in October 2019, the 8-20mm grade 100 chain lifting products have been flying off the shelves with customers choosing the “game chainging” assemblies for much of their lifting needs.

The expanded range of  NOBLE10 now includes 22mm, 26mm and 32mm chain, to be assembled with components such as single and multi-leg master links, chain connectors, self-locking/safety catch hooks and grab shorteners. The original product range provided a working load limit of up to 27.7 tonnes*. The expanded range brings the maximum working load limit to 69.2tonnes*, or 2.5 times more, allowing for a heavier range of lifting applications often required in heavy engineering or infrastructure construction.

As with all NOBLE10 chain and components, these new 22mm, 26mm and 32mm additions have also been extensively tested by Nobles’ specialist lifting and rigging engineers in Australia. So, customers can be assured that NOBLE10 meets the same high quality and safety standards, including Australian Standards AS3775, AS2321 and AS3776.

The key driver for this expansion has been the success of the NOBLE10 high value, high quality preassembled chain sling range. Nobles have seen these chain slings ordered at a rapid rate especially with the simple and easy to follow ordering guide for over 70 pre-configured or pre-assembled chain slings packed in easy to carry pales. NOBLE10 chain slings deliver outstanding value as they provide 25 per cent more lifting capacity than a grade 80 chain, at a similar price.

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NOBLE10 chain is being used for critical lifting and rigging applications across Australia, including most recently, to suspend a large number of hanging gantries and platforms under the Sydney Harbour Bridge for improved maintenance access.

Keith Bishop, Nobles General Manager Products and Marketing says, “The market demand for this product was much higher than expected in its first year. Seeing this level of success so early is what you always hope for with a new product launch. Expanding the NOBLE10 range to include larger chain sizes will allow heavier industries and higher capacity cranes that require higher working load limits to access our ‘game chainging’ lifting system.”

To support the original launch of NOBLE10, Nobles ran a competition giving away a trip for two to the UK including tickets to the Strongman Classic. Unfortunately, as a result of COVID-19, Nobles were unable to offer a trip for two to the UK as a prize. Instead, Nobles offered a $4,000 travel voucher that can be used until 2023. All entrants had to do was tell them in 25 words of less how they would use the new chain lifting solution.

There were many responses, some suggestions were humorous, and others were realistic. The lucky winner chosen by a panel was Malcolm Bland for his answer: “I’d use it everywhere, being 25 per cent lighter than grade 8 chain makes the job at least 25 per cent easier ‘let the chain take the strain’”. Malcolm was surprised and grateful for being chosen and was not disappointed with the change in prize.

No matter what industry – whether construction, mining, manufacturing or heavy engineering, there’s a NOBLE10 chain system suitable for your lifting requirements, now even your heaviest.

*WLL for 20mm and 32mm multi-leg 60o chain sling configurations according to AS 3775. To see the entire NOBLE10, product range, head to www.nobles.com.au/noble10.

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