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NHVR announces major road access development in NSW

Mobile crane with cloudy sky.

The NHVR has announced that New South Wales’ road maps have been successfully transitioned into the National Network Map.

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Announced on July 13, the transition will have “very little impact” for heavy vehicle operators according to a release from the regulator, but represents the “first stage” of local governments being able to propose any network changes directly into the system using a self-service model.

The National Network Map will nearly replicate the transport networks in New South Wales, with the differences being figured out with Transport for New South Wales to ensure the data is entirely accurate over the remainder of the year. This, according to the regulator, is down to different datasets used: the National Network Map uses OpenStreetMap to delivery timely and accurate changes to road infrastructure. TfNSW, however, has utilised a different dataset, creating a disparity.

“For most roads, there will be minimal or no difference, however where we anticipate there is a potential difference, the NHVR will work with TfNSW and local governments to confirm any geometry differences,” said the release. “Where the NHVR is identifying these, we will confirm with local councils that the air gap is intentional or based on historical reasons. The NHVR will reach out to each local council to agree on the new representation once the data is in OpenStreetMap.”

Furthermore, the current process for changing a network will not immediately change, with the NHVR saying it will still rely on internal teams until the networks are fully transitioned to OpenStreetMap, where it will then become possible to use tools built and being rolled out across other states.

According to the NHVR, once the transition has been completed, the National Network Map will provide less administration for local government and streamline the permit process for operators.

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