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New XCMG Cranes to hit Australia

XCMG launched two new models at ConExpo 2023, with a new rough terrain and 130 tonne all-terrain set to enter the market.

The latest all-terrain from XCMG comes with a lifting capacity of 130 tonnes and a six section boom, with a length of 13.2 metres through to 62 metres and a maximum height of 92.5m.

Pat Carrigan from North West Cranes spoke about the latest crane from XCMG and what it will mean for the market.

“This is the 150 ton (136 tonne) all terrain crane, we’re particularly interested in it because it’s our crane and it’s coming home to Canada right after the show,” he said.

“It’s a five-axle machine with 200 feet (62m) of main boom, single engine machine, which most of the world’s manufacturers are going to now.

“We have had great interest for this machine in Canada, and most importantly, XCMG have paid particular attention to the carrier design so that we have proper weight capacities and allowances to get the crane on the road,” Pat said. 

The new crane comes with a human interaction system, intelligent crane boom technology and intelligent travelling control system offering intelligent operation planning and operation safety protection.

Rough Terrains from XCMG have been extremely popular in the North American market.

It also comes with a wireless remote control, providing additional convenience for users to operate outriggers, lifting, luffing and slewing on the crane.

“XCMG have been very attentive to our requirements and put a little more ergonomic design into it, a little more creature comfort and a little more room,” Pat said.

The new cab comes with a larger internal space helping make the driving operation more comfortable. The access system of the crane has been optimised making the climber far safer for the operator. In another safety improvement, cameras are installed at the boom head, winch and counterweight, with another backup camera in place.

The other crane released by XCMG at ConExpo is the XCR100, a rough terain which Pat says has a series of exciting additions in place.

“That’s the 100 ton (90 tonne) rough terrain crane which is really becoming the staple of the industry in our part of the world anyway,” he said.

“It has approximately 160 feet (50 metres) of main boom, but also four-wheel drive and four wheel steer and it is extremely manoeuvrable around refineries, plant sites and oil sands facilities.

Pat Carrigan expects both cranes to be extremely popular.

“Again this crane has a new cab design, excellent ergonomic features throughout to optimise comfort for the operator,” Pat said. 

“Really it’s become a staple of the industry, as we’ve moved along through the years, we’ve gone from 22 ton to 35 ton to 50 ton, and now pretty much that’s the predominant crane in the industry. We’ve got two of those on order this year and great interest in them on the way,” he said.

Pat goes on to explain the relationship with XCMG and how it is committing to the international market by listening to its local representatives. 

“They’re extremely responsive every time we reach out to them with a suggestion,” he said.

“Every time we’ve said to them, ‘we love this machine, but we’d like to see this a little bit different,’ or, ‘could you incorporate this into the design?’ The response comes very quickly, and more often than not, the next machine shows up with the equipment we’re looking for. 

“They’re a great partner to work with, and we’re pretty excited about the prospects moving forward,” Pat said. 

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