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New Sennebogens to Borger

Borger Crane Hire and Rigging Services recently took delivery of two Sennebogen telescopic crawlers. Both cranes went straight to work on the New South Wales government’s multi-billion-dollar Sydney Metro program.

The new cranes, the 613E featuring a 15-tonne and the 643E featuring a 40t capacity are the first Sennebogens to feature in the Borger Crane Hire and Rigging Services fleet. General manager Shawn Borger explains how they will fit into the fleet.

“This is the first time we have included Sennebogen crawlers in the fleet,” he said. 

“We purchased the new 15t capacity 613E telescopic crawler and the 40t capacity 643E. We chose these models because two of our projects had specific requirements for these capacities. Borger Cranes and Rigging Services provides up-to-date technology and specialised equipment for our client’s projects. We pride ourselves on running a modern and well-maintained fleet,” he said.

The Sennebogens are currently on two of metro stations on the Sydney Metro project where they are assisting with the structural work and also helping the various trades working on the stations. 

The New South Wales government’s Sydney Metro program is the biggest public transport project in Australia. It is a fully-automated metro rail system, the first in Australia, and will increase Sydney’s rail capacity by up to 60 per cent by 2024.

The Sydney Metro City and Southwest project cost range has been set at $11.5 billion to $12.5 billion in its final business case. The final project budget is to be confirmed once all major contracts are awarded.

Formerly known as Sydney Metro Greater West, the Western Sydney Airport Line will see a new metro rail line run from St Marys on the existing T1 heavy rail line to the Western Sydney Aerotropolis near Bringelly, via Western Sydney Airport (WSA). 

Borger Crane and Rigging Services has been operating the Sennebogens for approximately three months and Borger is very happy with the performance of the crawlers.

“They are proving to be a great addition to the fleet,” he said. 

“They are a really high quality and reliable machine. They are well engineered and manufactured to cope with the rugged conditions they face and the nature of the work they do. Importantly, our operators love them. The comfort the cab provides the operator and the ease in which they operate the cranes is the talk of the Borger yard,” said Borger.

The Sennebogen 613E is a compact 15t hydraulic telescopic crawler featuring a new cab and a particularly small transportation width.

Sennebogen recently enlarged its telescopic crane range with the new 613E, which impresses with lifting capacities up to 15t. Its size and compact nature provide endless possibilities for assembly work and use on construction sites. The redesigned ‘Multicab’, isn’t the only new feature – thanks to the new crawler undercarriage, the compact dimensions assist with easy and economical transport.

The new generation of hydraulic telescopic cranes boasts a sturdy construction, the standard full-power boom, 16t lifting capacity and 18.8m boom length. 

The revised ‘Multicab’ operator cab, which is now installed on the small Sennebogen machines as standard, combines modern design with maximum operator comfort and ergonomic equipment. 

In addition to a new interior design, the cab also has a concave windshield for an optimum front view and a hinged rear window.

The compact 613E featuring a 15t capacity.

An air conditioning system and a modern comfort seat with control elements that move with the seat are also standard features of the 613E. The cab is typical of Sennebogen cranes, and it can be adjusted 1.75m in height to provide an ideal overview of the working area.

Equipped with the full power boom, which features a maximum boom length of 18.8m and the folding 5m fly boom, the Sennebogen 613E covers a convenient working range and remains compact and agile at the same time.

With a transport width of only 2.53m, the machine can also be transported easily and cost-effectively via flat-bed trailer. As a particular advantage for the customer, the reduced width of the crawler undercarriage means that the machine no longer requires a transport permit. This means that a building contractor can move the machine from A to B on the spur of the moment without going through the complicated permit process.

The Sennebogen 613E is powered by an economical 92kW diesel engine with Tier 4f emission standards. This new generation of engines not only meets the current requirements of the emission standards but also has an extremely economical consumption thanks to an optimised exhaust after treatment with diesel exhaust fluid.

Tried and tested on other products in the range, the full-power boom makes the Sennebogen 643E supremely versatile on construction sites. The telescopic crawler undercarriage ensures the required level of manoeuvrability, even on difficult terrain, and compact transport dimensions. 

The Sennebogen 643E is an important model in the E-series and it comes as a mobile version as well as a crawler. With a 40t load capacity and the tried-and-tested full-power boom, the telescopic crane now comes with a redesigned cab and engines that comply with Tier 4 emissions standards. The machine comes with a 129kW diesel engine with 4f emission standards and up to two hydraulically-driven 35kN winches, with winching speeds up to 95m/min.

The Sennebogen 643E has already proved to be a versatile go-to for structural engineering and bridge construction around the world. The boom of the Sennebogen 643E can be continuously extended and retracted over a length of 30m. 

As with all machines in this series, it is also designed as a full-power boom. This highly robust, maintenance-free system allows for continuous extending and retracting and is always friction-locked. 

The machine can be set to any desired boom length variably and quickly via joystick. This saves time and allows effective working.

Sennebogen telescopic cranes are quick and agile at any length and are particularly suitable for varying boom lengths. The Sennebogen 643E can be driven at full load. It can operate on inclines of up to 4°. 

At just 3m wide, the extendable crawler tracks save space during transport and can be extended to a support width of up to 4.5m when in use. The 5.34m long crawler tracks with optional base plates up to 800mm wide ensure low ground pressure and optimal stability.

The redesigned Multicab comfort cab with automatic air conditioning and optimised sound insulation offers the crane operator a comfortable working environment. The flexibly mounted comfort seat is shock-absorbent and can be adjusted individually for each operator according to weight. 

The all-round glazing with safety glass, combined with the large roof window and adjustable windshield, provides the best possible view when working. 

And, to optimise the view upward as well, the Multicab can be tilted up to 15° as standard. An optional hydraulic cab elevator and camera system also improve the overview of the work area.

Borger discusses what he likes about the new Sennebogens. 

“We have found them to be extremely versatile machines and, on site, our clients are getting the job done in a safe and timely manner. 

“As I have said, the Sennebogen crane is a well designed, well constructed, and very strong. Our operators love to drive new cranes and the Sennebogens are a big hit in the Borger yard.

“They are also designed to ease the logistics involved in getting them to and from jobsites.

“We transport them on our drop deck and low loaders. Being hydraulic boom crawlers, they are ready to go within 30 minutes of arriving onsite,” he said.

Borger goes on to discuss the relationship with Pace Cranes – the national distributor for Sennebogen.

“Over the years, we have had numerous dealings with Pace Cranes and, as usual, Anthony and his team are very friendly and they work hard to make the processes easy for us, and they are able to make things happen quickly,” he said.

“They know their product and are able to make the right recommendations, so we have the right crane for the right application. Yes, Pace Cranes provide and excellent service,” he said. 

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