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New Maeda to mini crane specialist

SVSR Mini Crane Hire recently took delivery of a brand new Maeda MC405C-3, 3.83t lifting capacity mini crawler crane. SVSR Mini Crane Hire’s Chief Executive Officer Tony Jankovic explains more.

SVSR Mini Crane Hire is a leading mini crane expert, servicing Sydney and NSW. With more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry, SVSR excels at delivering fast, flexible and efficient crane hire solutions.

“We operate a sister company SVSR which specialises in sewer vent shaft solutions. For some time, we have been utilising the Maeda mini cranes in this business. Noticing a gap in the mini crane hire market, we started to hire our cranes to the construction sector in Sydney and throughout New South Wales. The business has grown considerably, and we now run four Maeda MC 405C-3 which have a lifting capacity of 3.98t and one Maeda MC 305 which has a 2.98t lifting capacity,” said Tony.

The Maeda MC405 C-3 features the best of design. With a maximum working radius of 16m and a lifting capacity of 3.83t x 2.7m this is a powerful crane suitable for a range of jobs and sites. The MC405C-3 also features an outrigger safety system.

SVSR operators think Maeda mini crawler cranes are very robust and very technologically advanced in nature.

The Maeda MC305 may be small but it still packs a punch. With a smaller working radius of 12m, the MC305 has a lifting capacity of 2.98t x 2.5m and shares the same safety features as the MC405. The Maeda MC305 is the smallest crane in the SVSR fleet available for hire. The MC305 also features an outrigger safety system. 

SVSR offers both wet hire with one of their skilled and licensed operators, as well as dry hire.

Tony discusses the Maeda mini crawler crane and what his teams like about them. 

“Our operators think the Maeda mini crawler cranes are fantastic. They’re a very robust machine and very technologically advanced in nature. We can see Maeda is advancing the quality and functionality of the range year on year and the quality of the crane Maeda is producing continues to excel. And like I said, they’re very versatile and very easy to operate,” he said.

SVSRs Mini Crane Hires’ fleet of Maedas is ideal for tight access locations, public spaces, natural terrains and specialist operations including glass lifting, beam lifting and high-rise construction. Whilst SVSR boasts a specialist team of crane operators and dogmen, the business also offers a dry crane hire option which is a practical choice for construction companies and teams already equipped with operating and rigging licences.

“We offer both wet and dry hire, providing mini crane services to Tier One and Tier Two builders, right across all sectors of the construction industry,” said Tony.

“We have developed a very specialised service around the Maeda mini cranes, and we sell this service to our clients, we do not sell on price. Over the years we have generated excellent relationships with our clients, and they have come to expect a certain level of service from us.

SVSR has developed a very specialised service around the Maeda mini cranes, and this service is to clients.

“We are sensitive to the needs of our clients and by specialising in mini crawler cranes, we know we have the right solution for most applications. The team at SVSR Mini Crane Hire prides itself on being prompt with our response to an enquiry and being on site on time with the crane. We also look after our fleet with a regular service and maintenance program and our clients know they are going to have a safe and reliable mini crane operating on their construction site,” said Tony.

“The relationship with Pace Cranes and SVSR Mini Crane Hire has been fantastic. As we’ve grown the business, Anthony Heeks and Michael Cawston and the team have been very supportive. Obviously being the National Distributor for Maeda, we are buying our cranes from them, but we are also having them serviced and supported by Pace Cranes,” Tony said.

“The after sales and service support we receive is superb. In our experience, the Maeda mini crawler crane is a really reliable piece of equipment but when there have been issues, it has been a simple matter of making a phone call and they’ve sent a technician to support us with any mechanical needs we require. 

“They are also there for our servicing needs. There is terrific knowledge and experience of the Maeda product within the team, and this is what you want as a crane hire business. Pace Cranes are there for us from the delivery of the crane right through to end of the crane’s time with us,” said Tony.

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