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New Liebherr mobile crane bolsters Treffler’s fleet

German crane services company Treffler receive a new Liebherr mobile crane, the LTM 1350-6.1

German crane services company Treffler has bolstered its crane fleet with a new Liebherr LTM 1350-6.1 mobile crane.

Treffler, a subordinate of mechanical and industrial engineering group MaxiKraft Group since 2019, decided to purchase its newest mobile crane to renew its fleet and marks the company’s entry into the class of telescopic cranes with boom guying.

With the purchase of the LTM 1350-6.1, Treffler is “replacing” an older LTM 1300-6.1, according to Treffler’s Branch Manager Matthias Bulisch.

“On the one hand, the investment in the new crane follows our rhythm for fleet renewal, and on the other hand, we are strengthening our portfolio,” he said. “The new crane has a Y-type telescopic boom guying and is therefore significantly stronger than its predecessor.”

Liebherr’s six-axle, 350-tonne mobile crane features 70 metres of telescopic, main boom, an optional lattice jib extension up to 78 metres, and a maximum lifting radius of 96 metres. Enhancing its lifting capacity is its VarioBase and Y-Guy features, which can allow the crane’s capacity to be doubled in some circumstances, especially in lifts where the boom is extended in a long, steep position and for jobs with lattice jibs.

Powered by a four-cylinder diesel Liebherr engine, the crane exerts a maximum driving speed of 85 kilometres an hour, and can be run with HVO for a more environmentally friendly alternative.

“With the new crane, we can take on jobs in the 400-tonne class. We deliberately chose a 6-axle crane because it has advantages in approval processes, compared to 7- to 9-axle cranes,” Bulisch said. “We bought the LTM 1350-6.1 fully equipped. This means it can be used for a very wide range of applications, from concrete construction to industrial operations to construction crane assemblies.”

With a 150-year history and operating in the crane rental business since 1978, Treffler’s mobile crane fleet features a vast number of Liebherr mobile cranes, according to Bulisch.

“Quality, value and service speak for Liebherr,” he said. “But Liebherr mobile cranes have another important plus point: the same control from the smallest to the largest crane. This allows us to flexibly deploy our operators on different equipment.”

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