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New LICCON3 system comes in clutch on BKL’s new Liebherr

German crane hire company, Baukran Logistik, has deployed one of the first 10 LTM1110-5.2 cranes featuring Liebherr’s new LICCON3 system to build a new construction yard in Bavaria.
The Liebherr LTM1110-5.2's new LICCON3 system in action for BKL.

According to a press release from Liebherr, the crane was able to lift and install concrete façade slabs with “millimetre precision” as it erected a new construction yard in Bavaria. For BKL’s crane operator, Rolf, adapting to the new LICCON3 system was able to be completed “without any problems”, as the system was “easy to understand, simple to operate, and very practical in everyday job situations.”

“The monitor displays a whole load of information at a glance, and the crane movements are very sensitive,” he said. “That enabled me to thread face concrete facade slabs between two concrete walls with millimetre precision using the LTM 1110-5.2. The boom camera was a massive help as well.”

The Liebherr LTM1110-5.2's new LICCON3 system in action for BKL.
LICCON3 display with touchscreen function. Various cameras are available as options.

To complete the job on the new construction yard, BKL equipped the latest addition to its fleet with 13.4 tonnes of ballast on board and drove the machine with an axle load of 12 tonnes. The crane hire company configured the machine’s boom to reach a maximum hook height of 27m and lift at radii of up to 24m.

Liebherr’s 110-tonne mobile crane features a maximum lifting height of 91m and can lift at a maximum radius of 66m. The machine features three new distinct features compared to its predecessor: the new LICCON3 system, a new gearbox, and a new driver’s cab. According to Managing Director at BKL, Jörg Hegestweiler, the “outstanding” new features were part of the reason behind the decision to add the crane to BKL’s fleet.

“We want to provide both our customers and our team with the latest technology, perfect comfort and maximum safety combined with outstanding performance,” he said. “The LTM 1110-5.2 will help us to satisfy our ambition to provide our customers with one of the most modern fleets in Europe from our nine sites – from a manoeuvrable 30 tonner to a 700-tonne giant.”

Intending to deploy its newest purchase for a wide range of hoisting work, Hegestweiler also reserved special praise for the relationship BKL possesses with Liebherr, who has supplied a large portion of the 130 cranes in the German company’s fleet.

“In addition to having powerful, innovative products, Liebherr provides us with good service in every respect,” he said. “We have a long term, close partnership with Liebherr.”


The Liebherr LTM1110-5.2's new LICCON3 system in action for BKL.
LICCON3 cranes from Liebherr can be identified by the new cab design.
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