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New Kato CR-130RV environmentally and user friendly

National distributor of Kato's products Tutt Bryant has announced the release of the new Kato CR-130RV for the Australian market.

Tutt Bryant Equipment, national distributor of KATO Cranes recently announced the release of the new KATO City Crane, the KATO CR-130RV – to come with additional technical support from Liang Song, Tutt Bryant Equipment’s National Technical Support Manager, Cranes.

With a length of under 7.5m,  2m wide and under 3m in height, the CR-130RV is one of the most compact mobile cranes on the market and approaches confined spaces like no other mobile crane. 

Its 4×4 steering provides a compact turning radius and manoeuvrable travelling abilities. It is ideally suited for work not only on construction sites but also for moving plant and machinery around warehouses and factories. 

The gross weight of the vehicle (GVW) is only 13,825kg which makes the CR-130RV ideal for works on sites that have low load bearing capabilities, such as bridges or building floors under construction. 

The strong and powerful main boom features simultaneous telescoping which enables the operator to start and finish lifting easily and smoothly. 

The fly jib measures up to 5.5 m and is hydraulically operated. The reach of the CR-130RV with the fly jib is ideal even with the crane set up close to a building.

One of its most important features is its compact tail slewing radius. It is only 1.60m, ensuring the CR-130RV can lift right alongside the building. 

The CR-130RV is typically suited to very confined job sites. However, this new CR-130RV features an applied electronic control system. Outrigger operation is now available by remote control which enables the operator to check the outrigger’s position closely. Outriggers have various positions that support suitable lifting to each job site. 

Outriggers start at a completely retracted distance of 1.64m to a fully extended distance of 4.74m. 

When lifting in areas with height limitations such as a warehouse or factory, the CR-130RV has a Searcher Hook option available. The Searcher Hook is easy to install and able to select from two positions. With a maximum lifting weight of 3t, it is useful for lifting heavy loads such as manufacturing equipment. 

The Boom

The high rigidity six section Superboom is a key feature of the new KATO CR-130RV. The boom has a 13t lifting capacity at 1.7m, a maximum boom length of 24m and a maximum lifting height of 24.8m. The CR-130RV also features 2 section hydraulic luffing power jib which has a maximum length of 5.5m and increases the maximum lifting height to 30.3m.

The CR-130RV is powered by a Hino JO5E-VA which is Euro Stage V compliant. It has Selective Catalytic Reduction and DPF to reduce NOx and PM in the emissions.

The CR-130RV has an ABS braking system as a standard feature, ensuring safer braking, especially on slippery surfaces. 

For the operator

The electronic joystick control is ergonomically designed and easy to operate, making it more functional and comfortable for the operator. Thanks to the electronic control system, the operator is able to set and record the crane speeds. The operator can monitor left or rear blind spot and winch conditions from the cab with KATO’s multiple view colour monitor option.

The touch screen control COR information display provides an ECO function which supports economical crane operation. It also limits the maximum engine speed to reduce fuel consumption and noise. The new outrigger system facilitates the process of outrigger setting. The vertical cylinders extend and automatically stop at the horizontal positions while operating semi-automatic levelling switch. 

The touch screen control ACS moment limiter provides a range of limiting functions designed to increase safety during operation. It limits the load factor to between 80 and 100 per cent of the rated lifting capacity to keep a safe margin. It also limits the working range to avoid collisions.

Hill Start Assistance is a new function for KATO CR-130RV. This function provides the brake at the point of acceleration on a hill and an activate and deactivate option is selectable for the operator.

A Surround View camera provides a 360° view of the crane and aids safer stopping and or parking. It also features a Human Detect Assist System with safety cameras detecting humans in blind spots alerting the operator with visual and audible alarms.

Technical Support

National distributor of Kato's products Tutt Bryant has announced the release of the new Kato CR-130RV for the Australian market.
Liang Song joined Tutt Bryant Equipment as National Technical Support Manager, Cranes earlier in the year.

After an extensive period working with construction equipment and cranes in Japan, Liang Song joined Tutt Bryant Equipment as National Technical Support Manager, Cranes earlier in the year. 

Liang worked for KATO as the Assistant Senior Staff of Overseas Support Group, which was where he met the Tutt Bryant Equipment team.

During his six years at KATO, Liang promoted the software development of new crane models for Oceania market, so that it could comply with local regulations. He coordinated the work of improving painting quality for Taiwan market where rusting had been an obstinate problem. 

Liang also organised regular visits to Oceania, Taiwan and Hong Kong for product delivery, technical training and market research, hence strong connections with overseas distributors and prompt responses in case of a problem or emergency. 

He performed as the contact person in Japan for KATO Europe regarding service issues, supporting them with any information needed by communicating with relevant departments. 

Liang acquired technical expertise required for service engineering for mobile cranes and hydraulic excavators, including rough terrain cranes of 10~80 tonnes, all terrain cranes of 100~130 tonnes, truck cranes of 30~60 tonnes, hydraulic excavators of 8~45 tonnes, and mini- excavators of 3~8 tonnes. 

He also attained an advanced level of trouble shooting for hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic system, and diesel engines of various manufacturers. 

Tutt Bryant Equipment’s technical support for KATO and HSC products is in good hands. 


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