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New hydraulic luffer from Jaso

The newly launched J198HPA is one of the biggest hydraulic luffing cranes in the market says Spanish manufacturer Jaso.

With a capacity of 18 tonnes, it is in the mid-range of 200 to 350 tonne-metre models for high-rise construction in congested inner cities and other urban projects.

Initially conceived as a restyling of the trendsetter J168HPA, which was originally launched in 2014 providing more load capacity, Jaso decided to redesign the whole crane concept.

The hydraulic ram, is kept at the rear end of the tower as this is one of the main characteristics of the Jaso design. In this way when crane in OOS, the piston is fully retracted in the ram’s strongest position which assures an extended ram life. Focus is given specially to provide a straight forward, easy and extremely quick erection by optimising weights and maximising pre-assembly.

The hydraulic ram is now completely pre-installed, along with the slew turret/ tower head/ jib pivot foot assembly.

The hoist winch is integrated into boom which allows it to run the ropes while on the ground thus speeding up erections and dismantles and adding safety to the process. In addition, all platforms are preinstalled and foldable which is the same for handrails, providing a clean design. All accesses are optimised and there is no need for safety harnesses to access control cabinets and main access points.

Weights are fully optimised and kept to minimum. The Tower head/ slewing table is the heaviest component with a total weight of 12.1t, but the erection process is fully adaptable to any job site. A smaller assist crane can manage the erection, process since the component weights can be reduced to a minimum weight of 6.8t. The complete upper part can be transported by 3 trucks and for a free-standing crane just 5 transport units are needed.

The J198HPA has a maximum capacity of 18t in 3-part line and maximum tip loads of 1.6 tonnes at 55m. The crane can also run in ‘Direct Pull’ with a special slim line hook block giving 6t max load, and 1.8 tonnes at 55m. It also provides multiple load chart options to combine max load and maximise jib length and tip loads. A 2-part line provides a maximum load of 8t, 10t or 12t. The change can be easily made on the job site. The fully optimised boom starts at 30 metres and can be increased in 5m increments to a maximum jib length of 55m and awesome minimum OOS of 8m.

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