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New Grove all-terrain crane labelled “impressive” and “innovative”

AAYM has purchased a new Grove all-terrain crane.

French heavy lifting company, A.A.Y.M., has taken stock of its second Grove all-terrain crane, a 150-tonne Grove GMK5150XL.

Based in Lamballe in the northwest of France, the family-run company decided to move forward with its purchase to expand its capabilities in construction shipyard work, and industrial maintenance, while basing its decision off previous positive experiences with its 300-tonne Grove, the GMK6300, that it purchased in 2021. According to Yvan Martin, Company Manager at A.A.Y.M., the machine is a “very impressive crane” due to its “innovative features” and “high-quality detailing”.

“It’s got a long boom for a five-axle crane, strong load charts, great taxi capabilities, and maneuverability on narrow jobsites,” he said. “We equipped the crane with several optional extras, including the MAXbase variable outrigger positioning system, a wireless remote control, and a birds-eye view camera.”

The GMK5150XL features a seven-section, 68.7m, Megaform boom with class-leading strength, according to the manufacturer. Its load charts in taxi configuration are best-in-class, ensuring easy roadability and transport savings for owners. Taxi configurations start from just one tonne of counterweight and for configurations of 12 tonnes per axle, the GMK5150XL can carry up to 10.2 tonnes of counterweight. There is also a heavyweight counterweight configuration of 16.5 tonnes per axle that makes it possible to drive the crane with a significant 30.9 tonnes of counterweight on board.

News of the new Grove’s purchase comes after Manitowoc recently won an array of awards at an international awards night in Brazil for its machines’ works across a range of projects.


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