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New ECO 295 mini crawler crane from UNIC and Maxilift Australia

Maxilift Australia has long been associated with the leading Japanese mini crawler brand UNIC. Tim Veen is the UNIC mini crawler national product manager and he explains more about the range and highlights a brand-new product. 

“The UNIC product has been distributed by Maxilift Australia for the last 10 years but we have been associated with the product for some time. BG Cranes was the first ever distributor for UNIC and Maxilift Australia is a business which was born out of BG Crane,” said Veen. 

“Many of the original staff from BG Crane are now with Maxilift Australia, so we have a long association with the brand, and we know the product well. Also, over the years, we have invested in our staff, with many visiting the factory for technical and product training.”

Veen discusses the UNIC range, the features and benefits of the product, and highlights a new model.

“The smallest crane in the range is the UR-W094C, which has a lifting capacity of just under one tonne. The most popular model in the range is the UR-W295C, which has a strong lift capacity of 2.93t at a radius of 1.4m and a maximum hook height of 8.8m. The crane weighs 1,850kg and one of the best features on this model is the seven adjustable positions on each of the stabilising legs.

“This feature is possible due to the turnover protection system [TOPS] that has pressure sensors in each leg – when multiple legs lose ground pressure then the operation stops.

“The huge advantage of the variable, adjustable outriggers enables this mini crane to operate in tight areas where legs cannot be set at a fixed standard position and are around fixed obstacles onsite or indoors,” said Veen.

Following the smallest 094 and 295 models, which can be tracked whilst walking behind the machine, there are five larger models in the UNIC range that all have ride-on tracking. All are fitted with the Robway moment limiter. The models include: 

   UNIC 376 with 3t lifting capacity 

   UNIC 546 & 547 with 4t lifting capacity 

   UNIC 706 with 6t lifting capacity 

   UNIC 1006 with 10t lifting capacity. 

Maxilift Australia provides all of the ride-on mini crawler cranes in a diesel/electric configuration so the machines can be operated indoors and outdoors with the option of just diesel if required. The entire range of UNIC mini crawler cranes come standard with radio remote control and have options of searcher hook, fly jib, single line hook, and white rubber tracks.

Maxilift Australia is delivering UNIC cranes into companies which are focused on the installation of structural steel, businesses focused on indoor repair and maintenance and construction on large high-rise projects.

The UR-W1006C is the largest mini crawler crane in the UNIC range and the largest mini crawler available from any manufacturer. The features on this crane are impressive with a 30.7m hook height, 10.14t lifting capacity and a 24.3m working radius. 

“This crane is still only 2,000mm wide, retaining class-beating minimal dimensions for working in restricted areas.

The UR-W1006C also features a pick and carry feature, which enables it to travel with loads up to 1,500kg. The full interlocking system and configurable outriggers ensure maximum stability on uneven ground,” said Veen. 

UNIC and Maxilift Australia recently released and delivered the new UNIC URW-295 Eco crane, which is a rechargeable battery-operated mini crawler.

The UNIC URW-295 Eco retains all the benefits of the standard 295 model including the TOPS feature and multiple outrigger positions. However, this model has a huge advantage over competitors as it is on white rubber wheels, so it can roll into an indoor application without scuffing surfaces like polished flooring or damaging tiles.  

“Being battery operated means the URW-295-3 Eco has zero emissions and this model is ideal for indoor applications where emissions are unacceptable such as food processing plants, shopping centres, airports, even construction sites where space is limited, and workers will be in close proximity to the crane and emissions will be harmful,” said Veen.

“On a full charge the 295 Eco crane can operate for a full day, depending on the type of work it is doing, before having to be recharged, and it can even be used as the battery is being recharged.”

With a width of just 0.6m, the URW-295 and 295 Eco cranes can access a building through a standard door frame yet come with a heavy lifting capacity of 2.9t. The 295 cranes are still small enough and light enough to be transported in a tandem trailer behind a car licence ute or 4×4 vehicle. 

Maxilift Australia is a national business, with its head office in Adelaide, explains Veen. 

“Adelaide is the most central point to all the major capitals including Perth, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We have the largest aftersales support network right around the country and this covers every capital city and out into the regional areas of each state,” he said.

“The UNIC product has always been very popular in the crane sector, and we will continue to service the traditional markets for mini telescopic crawler cranes, but we are also focused on markets which we haven’t been in before. We are delivering cranes into companies which are focused on the installation of structural steel, businesses focused on indoor repair and maintenance, and construction on large high-rise projects.

“We are also seeing a lot of activity in the commercial glass installation and facade sector, which is perfect for these types of cranes. UNIC mini crawlers can also be fitted with glass handling manipulators and work in multi storey buildings, installing the glazing on multiple floor levels where required,” said Veen.

The UNIC URW-295 Eco retains all the benefits of the standard 295 model, however it has a huge advantage over competitors as it is on white rubber wheels, enabling it to roll into an indoor application without scuffing surfaces.

“Due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and the impact it has had on the manufacturing sector and supply chains in general, we ordered stock some time ago and we now have plenty of units in stock. This means we can be super responsive to any enquiries customers might have.”

A key element of the service from Maxilift Australia is the availability of spare parts for the UNIC range. Veen explains more.

“The UNIC mini crawlers are manufactured in the same factory as the UNIC truck-mounted VLC cranes and many of the components and parts are common to both products. This means we have parts on hand all of the time and there is no issue with availability,” he said.

“Also, our factory-trained staff and technicians are conducting internal training courses for our dealer support network, which will ensure they know the UNIC product inside and out around the country.

“This national support network provides services which include backup, support, parts and warranty, basically whatever the customer needs. It doesn’t matter where a customer is operating a UNIC mini crawler crane in the country, we have them covered,” he said.

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