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New Demags for Cosmo

Cosmo Cranes recently took delivery of two Demag cranes, including the first AC 300-6 to be delivered in Australia.

Cosmo Cranes recently took delivery of two Demag cranes, including the first AC 300-6 to be delivered in Australia.

Cosmo Cranes is one of Sydney’s leading tower crane hire companies. It boasts a modern range of technologically advanced tower, mobile and franna cranes for hire. The Cosmo Cranes team is well versed with all aspects of crane operations including maintenance and repairs to full-scale construction projects.

It recently took delivery of a new six-axle Demag AC 300-6 all-terrain crane, boasting a 300t classification, features an 80m main boom and is the first crane of its size in the Demag range equipped with a luffing jib. This new 6-axle Demag all terrain crane delivers strength, reach and versatility needed for accomplishing the most demanding jobs at lower operational and transporting costs than similar models in its class.

According to John Handley, Director at Cosmo Cranes, the new cranes will fit nicely into the company’s fleet.

“We’ve been operating frannas for years but these are the first Demags we’ve owned. We actually ordered the AC 300-6 when we first heard about it, but it was still in the final design stages. We’ll predominantly be using it for the installation and dismantle of our tower cranes. We chose the 300 because it has the biggest long boom in its class,” he said.

The AC 300-6 combines long reach with a strong load chart to give operators the perfect fit for efficient work at height or on reach. The 80m main boom can perform jobs at heights up to 78m or 74m radius without rigging a jib. It is ideal for tower crane erection, with a class leading lifting capacity of 15 t on fully telescoped 80 m main boom. Also, the Demag AC 300-6 is the smallest in the Demag range that can be outfitted with a luffing jib for superior reach and fly-over capabilities, bringing the maximum system length to 118m. The well proven luffing jib rigging system is the same as on the AC 350-6 and AC 1000-9 cranes and provides safe and quick rigging.

Packed with the latest Demag innovations like the IC-1 Plus control system and a single engine concept with an intelligent motor management system, the Demag AC 300-6 enhances productivity to help reduce operating costs. The IC-1 Plus control system provides real time calculation of the lifting capacities and supports operators in safe crane operation. It also allows asymmetric outrigger positioning. This also allows the crane to perform jobs usually reserved for larger machines.

The Demag AC 300- 6 is fitted with a single engine, with start and stop function to reduce idle times and total engine hours contributing to the reduction of fuel costs and preserving the crane’s residual value.

The compact design of the Demag AC 300-6 all terrain crane features a carrier length of 15.3m and a width of 3m. The crane is easy to position on the job site, thanks to its active all-wheel steering that allows excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

On the road, the Demag AC 300-6 crane meets axle load limits from below 12t up to 16t and can travel up to 85km/h. It also has 800kg of extra payload capacity for carrying extra lifting accessories. It includes an axle load monitor, displayed on the dashboard, to help customers drive within the road-legal weight. This model, like all Demag cranes in this product family, can be configured to comply with the variable axle weight limits in most states by connecting different types of boom dollies or removing the boom.

“With a mobile fleet consisting of 16, 20 and 25t frannas, the Demag AC130-5 and AC300-6 are a perfect addition, giving us more versatility and independence. The guys at Terex Cranes understand our needs and our business and can provide tailored solutions when and where necessary.”

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