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New 175t capacity crawler added to HSC SCX-3 series

Following the successful launch of the SCX1000A-3 (100t), SCX1500A-3 (150t) and SCX2800A-3 (275t) crawler cranes, Tutt Bryant Equipment recently announced the release of the next significant SCX-3 model – the SCX1800A-3 175t class crawler crane.

Following the successful launch of the SCX1000A-3 (100t), SCX1500A-3 (150t) and SCX2800A-3 (275t) crawler cranes, Tutt Bryant Equipment recently announced the release of the next significant SCX-3 model – the SCX1800A-3 175t class crawler crane.

The new generation model is packed with technology developed by HSC, the experts in the design and manufacture of crawler cranes. The SCX1800A-3 features outstanding performance and ease-of-use in all aspects from safety, transportability and energy efficiency says Peter Lawgall, Tutt Bryant Business Development Manager, Cranes.

“The SCX1800A-3 has a capacity of 175t, but it can go to 180t with a heavy design mast. This model is really designed for construction projects, particularly around large infrastructure projects and with its rugged design it’s ideal for general construction, mining and quarrying applications. These are some of the industry sectors we will target with this crane,” he said.

With a compact body, the SCX1800A-3 provides exceptional lifting capabilities. The main boom and crane jib combination has a reach of 72m plus 31m, covering a wide working area to further streamline operations on worksites. An auxiliary sheave (two sheaves option is also now available) provide greater lifting performance, catering to increasingly diverse customer requirements.

“A major highlight of this model is the ease of operation for a big crane. Other important features include the reduction counterweight system, the counterweight set up and the transportability of the crane. It also features swing restriction and moment limiter,” said Lawgall.

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“One of the features of the SCX-3 series is the similarity from start to finish of the range. The operating system is the same from the 80t to the 275t meaning operators can move from one model to the next and be comfortable with the operating system,” he said.

Flexible operation and performance provide the operator with a crane which is equally happy in heavy lifting applications or precision jobs. The crane has been designed so that it can be operated by anyone, instead of relying on the operator’s level of experience or skill.

HSC has made major improvements to the operator’s field of view from the cabin with extra-wide windows to improve visibility in all directions. Green tinted safety glass has been used all round to protect the operator from UV rays and objects that may have come free during operation. A new wiper provides a greater area of visibility when working in rain.

A new large screen display has been used offering excellent visibility and field of view of any job. A host of items can be shown, while a simple display layout ensures that information is provided to the operator. The display has also been designed with an interactive interface to follow any movement of the crane from a safety perspective, which helps to limit unintended operations and maintain the utmost of safety.

The counterweights are identical shapes (excluding the base weights) for the left and right sides, to help ease of assembly process. The weights can be stacked on either side and in any order, ensuring assembly can be completed quickly. This symmetrical design also enhances efficiency during transportation – the height of individual weights has been made lower, so they can be transported together with the boom section.

Swing restriction unit is optional, this device prevents the crane from swinging into objects and causing damage by notifying the operator of the swinging range and automatically stopping the crane when required. The result is an added level of safety when working in tight areas.

A newly developed ‘Remote Sensing’ system installed as standard, allows for precise monitoring of the crane’s operating condition to minimise downtime and ensure accurate maintenance. This is designed to keep machines in the best possible operating condition and helps to improve operating efficiency, while reducing the time and cost required for maintenance.

“The models within the SCX -3 series have been released on a staggered basis and this model has been two years in the making. There is definitely a resurgence in the popularity of crawler cranes. From my research, it would appear the last time the market was focused on crawlers was approximately 12 years ago.

“I would suggest there is an ‘ageing fleet scenario’ happening for many crane companies in the industry and most of the crane manufacturers have understood that upgrades are going to be required and they are providing new models and incentives to encourage these upgrades,” said Lawgall.

“Tutt Bryant is proud to announce the completed HSC SCX-3 series of crawler cranes.

“I think the SCX1800A-3 will prove to be the most popular model in the series. It provides the versatility to complete jobs requiring variable capacity cranes between 150t and 175t with the variable counterweight.

“The SCX1800A-3 crane from HSC slots perfectly into where the market demand is,” said Lawgall.

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