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Navigating the Ups and Downs: A Look at the Crane Industry in 2024

As the CEO of the Crane Association of New Zealand (CANZ), I’ve had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the resilience and innovation of our industry. Since I joined CANZ, we’ve enjoyed a period of remarkable economic prosperity, with booming construction projects and a robust market that has driven growth and opportunities for all. However, as we approach the halfway mark of 2024, it’s clear that we are facing a new set of challenges. For the first time in my tenure, the economic landscape isn’t just less favorable—it’s decidedly tough.


The boom and bust cycle is something we are all familiar with. Our industry has always been subject to the ebb and flow of economic conditions. The highs bring about a surge of projects and a demand for our services, while the lows require us to tighten our belts and navigate through leaner times. It doesn’t make it any easier to bear, especially for those feeling the immediate impact on their businesses and livelihoods. Yet, it is during these challenging times that our community’s strength and solidarity become most apparent.


At CANZ, we understand the pressures that come with a downturn. Reduced project pipelines, tighter budgets, and the uncertainty of what lies ahead can be daunting. That’s why I want to remind each and every one of you that we are here to support you. Whether you need advice, resources, or just a listening ear, CANZ is committed to standing by your side. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance. Our collective experience and knowledge are powerful tools that can help us all weather this storm.


Today (at the time of writing) is Budget Day, and it’s fair to say it is the most anticipated budget in quite some time. The government, led by the National Party, has talked a big game, and we are all expecting them to deliver. The phrase “survive until ’25” is gaining traction globally, reflecting the widespread understanding that any significant economic recovery and green shoots of growth are expected next year. However, for our industry, those green shoots could be signalled by the government making its priorities and investment clear in today’s budget. I sincerely hope that’s what we will see.


Despite the economic headwinds, I am heartened by the response we’ve received as registrations and sponsorships flow in for the 2024 CANZ conference. It’s a testament to the trust and confidence you place in us, even in less prosperous times. Organizing a successful event in the current climate is no small feat, and your support reassures us that we are on the right track. This year’s conference will not only provide valuable insights and networking opportunities but also serve as a crucial platform for discussing the challenges we face and exploring strategies to overcome them.


In anticipation of the budget announcement, we remain hopeful that the government will recognize the critical role our industry plays in the country’s economic fabric. Clear priorities and targeted investments can provide the stability and confidence needed to navigate these turbulent times. Infrastructure projects, in particular, have the potential to drive demand for crane services, creating jobs and fostering growth in our sector. As always, we will be closely monitoring the outcomes and advocating for the best interests of our members.


Looking ahead, it is important to stay focused and adaptable. While the current economic situation may be difficult, it also presents an opportunity for us to innovate and improve. Embracing new technologies, enhancing safety protocols, and investing in workforce development are key areas where we can make a difference. By doing so, we not only prepare ourselves for future growth but also ensure that we are resilient in the face of adversity.


As we gather for the 2024 CANZ conference, let’s take this opportunity to share our experiences, learn from each other, and strengthen our bonds. Our industry’s ability to come together and support one another is one of our greatest assets. Together, we can navigate these challenging times and emerge stronger.


In closing, I want to express my gratitude for your continued trust and support. It is your dedication and commitment that drive us forward. Remember, we are here for you, and together, we will overcome these challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.


Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you at the conference.


Sarah Toase

CEO, Crane Association of New Zealand

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