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Monitor Lifts spider lift

Using a spider lift need not be a tangled web, with Monitor Lifts delivering high quality machines for a range of industries.

With over 20 spider lift models in stock ranging from 12.3m reach through to an impressive 43.2m with over 18m of horizontal outreach, Monitor Lifts has a machine for any application.

The Monitor Lifts team encourages anyone looking to invest in EWPs to consider seven potential obstacles for the machine they want to bring into their fleets.

Perhaps the machine is not certified to Australian standards, it may not have the vertical and horizontal outreach needed, or it might be too heavy to be transported. It may not be from a quality brand or have no hybrid options, a poor warranty and/or a lack of automatic levelling and stabilisation. 

Monitor Lifts sets out to help its ever-expanding and diverse range of clients avoid these pitfalls by setting out to  understand their requirements in order to provide them with assistance tailored to their needs.

Monitor has a wide selection of machines to choose from.

 This way, they continue to be highly responsive with service and support to ensure the products are withstanding the rigours of the work.

Spider lifts are available in either a knuckle boom or stick boom configuration, each with their own advantages.

The knuckle booms are crucial in an application which requires ‘up and over’ reach. For example, an arborist needing the clearance to reach over a roof or other obstacle to access a work area will find a knuckle boom useful.

Stick boom lifts on the other hand have no tail swing, which allows the operator to achieve maximum outreach at a lower vertical reach in most situations. This is ideal when a large outreach is needed in an area with overhead obstacles above the machine, such as in the telecommunication sector, working around towers and lines.

The team says spider lifts are a no-brainer for hire companies, being easy to hire and simple to use, even for  inexperienced operators.

Hire companies benefit from a ready market of people who have a ‘working
at heights over 11m EWP’ licence. 

Hire companies benefit from such versatile machines, as they can be utilised across such a wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors.

Managers can also easily have a team trained to be able to give an induction – or simply inducted over a zoom call allowing them to keep their team onsite and save much needed time.  

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