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Merlo rotating telehandlers show strong pedigree

STM Equipment have represented the Merlo range of telehandlers since 2019, with the company believing this telehandler to be one of the most versatile on the market.

STM started in 1976 as a dealership for international harvesting equipment. From the outset the business was focused on sales, but also support, in terms of investing in service and parts availability. STM was also a truck and commercial vehicle dealer.

 Gino Cassaniti is the Operations Manager for STM Equipment and he explains more about the diverse nature of client’s serviced by the business.

 “Our clients range from sole traders, who can be owner operators of equipment and small contractors, right through to large farmers, multinational transport businesses, large civil construction businesses and contractors, as well as major hire and mining companies.

 ROTO 50.26SEE PLUS is one of the fresh Merlo models to enter the Australian market and is an impressive piece of machinery.

 The Roto comes with a five tonne lifting capacity and a lifting height of 26 metres and with five boom sections. It is powered by a four cylinder diesel engine producing 125 kilowatts and 170 horsepower.

 The Roto’s are the only models on the market to offer active hydropneumatic suspension on the axles, for maximum safety and optimal driving comfort. This solution eliminates the pitching motion when taking curves, for greater stability.

It comes with a range of attachments for any challenge.

 The cab is level II FOPS and ROPS certified, designed to maintain the maximum level of ergonomics while ensuring excellent protection for the operator. Merlo is the only company on the market that offers a vertical cab tilting solution designed to ensure operating comfort and perfect visibility of the load.

 Merlo’s patented Adaptive Stability Control System is capable of recognising the attachment being used and measuring the magnitude of the load being handled, in order to maximise the speed of the hydraulic movements without any risks to the operator’s safety. Customers can simultaneously check all the operating parameters in real time and see at which point the safety system will intervene by slowing down and stopping any problematic movements.

 The boom on the Merlo consists of a double “C” profile in high-strength steel with welds made along the neutral bending axis. The hydraulic hoses and electrical wires positioned inside the boom with a ‘cartridge’ system, to protect against any possible impacts and easy extraction in case of maintenance. The L-shaped runner blocks are made of composite material to maximise efficiency and reduce impact and wear on the sliding surfaces. The Merlo boom solution can offer:

 With the self-stabilisation device, which comes standard on all ROTO models, the operator can simply press a button to initiate the machine’s automatic frame stabilisation and tilt correction procedure, this allows operators to reduce setup times, maximise safety and simplify the machines use.

 Compared to market standards, the frame is characterised by small dimensions, allowing to minimise the overall floor space occupied by the machine. Furthermore, it is equipped, on the outside, with an exclusive steel belt (made from a steel section bar). Designed to maximise structural strength and ensure excellent torsional strength, the underside of the body is completely secured by steel sheets, in order to protect all components from possible impacts during off-road driving.

 The chassis is completely walkable. This solution, combined with the ladder applicable to the chassis itself, allows the user to climb on and off the vehicle in any situation, thereby facilitating the work processes.

 The attachments, which are designed and manufactured at the Merlo Group facilities, are the real operational tools used by Merlo telehandlers, and are designed to bring out the machines’ performance and versatility in different operational situations.

     A Platform to be used as a EWP

The basket is a great addition to the machine allowing it to be used as an EWP.

     A bucket to be used as a loader

     Forks to be used as a forklift

     Jibs of various kinds to be used as a Crane

 The patented recognition of the attachments and the effective Tac- lock hydraulic locking system allow for quick tool changes to be performed, with the operating parameters being configured automatically for maximum safety.

 Cassanti explains what makes the Merlo brand one of the leaders in the telehandler market.

 “Worldwide, the Merlo brand is recognised as the original telehandler and like STM Equipment, Merlo still operates as a family business. With the Italian flair in terms of design, engineering and manufacture, it is an extremely versatile product.

 “The development of the ROTO began as a result of market demands and is typical of the continual evolution Merlo seeks throughout its range of products. The Merlo design team is focused on introducing state of the art technologies for new machines of similar dimensions and weights to previous ranges, thus providing superior performance, greater ease of use and higher levels of safe operation,” he said.

 “Versatility is the ‘name of the game’,” said Cassanti. “With a telehandler, you can have up to seven machines in the one unit, and of course, you will save in capital expenditure as well as running costs,” Cassaniti said.

These models feature engines with power ratings ranging from 75 to 170 horsepower, which, in accordance with the original Merlo design concept, are installed in a longitudinal direction on the right side of the frame to ensure maximum accessibility to the components during maintenance operations.

The hydrostatic transmission guarantees high performance, millimetric precision, and excellent braking capacity, by increasing the engines’ “engine braking” effect.

Although the team at STM Equipment have grown over the years to become a major force in the industry, they have not forgotten the traditional business values that have served the business well explains Cassaniti.

“This customer focus has enabled the business to grow to what you see today, a multi brand dealership with a strong focus on customer support located in a purpose-built eight acre facility at Smeaton Grange,” he said. 

“Anyone can sell equipment to the right buyer. The key to building a business involves providing the right levels of support to that customer and growing with their business.”

“We don’t see our customers as a number, we see them as partners in the business. We have facilities in Sydney, Wollongong, Canberra and Bathurst. This means we are capable of providing  a wide services across a diverse range of industries,” he said. 

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