MCT Equipment and Magni

Think Different: Lift Different with Magni and MCT

Perth’s MCT Equipment recently announced it had secured exclusive distribution rights for Magni telescopic handlers in Western Australia and Northern Territory. Founded by Anthony Grosser, MCT Equipment is expanding existing support operations to include supply, parts, and support for the Italian telescopic handling brand.

Sitting with Anthony Grosser to discuss his approach to the crane industry with MCT Equipment is like a breath of fresh air. The conviction he uses in describing his aspirations for innovation in our industry is contagious and so deep that it has clearly been simmering throughout his 25 plus years in the industry.

2021 has opened up a new era for Grosser as he has nimbly responded to a long-running industry-wide demand for a supplier that could not only provide best-of-breed machinery but also build genuine, predictable relationships with their clients and suppliers alike.

Forming a dedicated sales company means MCT can focus on the careful development of equipment fit for purpose, while prioritising the customer’s needs across all areas of the business.

Grosser’s lengthy experience with a myriad of international brands in the market has meant that he has seen the best, and the worst, of each. His extensive experience in the Construction, Mining and Infrastructure industries means there’s no pulling the wool over his eyes when it comes to getting the right results in any situation for a client.

“I knew I had the customer-service side of the business covered, at the end of the day it’s my name on the line if there’s an issue and our whole team know that they hold the responsibility for that too. Wavering from those expectations just won’t cut it,” Grosser comments.

This like-minded team that emanates Grosser’s personal value-base now also features his son, James Grosser. A distinguishing feature of their team which now ensures the legacy of the Grosser name in the Crane Industry is going to be carried on, along with their personal reputations for many more years to come.

To support this anticipated longevity of the MCT brand, the Grossers were meticulous in selecting a brand to partner with that would not only align with their approach to business but also meet Anthony Grosser’s ambitions to open the industry’s eyes to the innovative technologies that were available across the world.

2021 has seen the establishment of a partnership with Italian powerhouse, Magni Telehandlers who launched their world-leading telescopic handlers into the market in 2013 and in just 8 years have rapidly secured market share.

While the development of the Magni brand across a wide variety of industries continues to grow, MCT plans to draw on the brand’s success to date with plans for future development and continuous improvement in sight.

“Aside from our lengthy admiration of Magni’s aptitude for innovation with their class-leading equipment, the Magni family approach to business was a natural fit for MCT.” Grosser noted.

“When the value base of your suppliers and partners aligns with your own, that’s when something really special can be created. We’re on the same page about a lot of things so we’re just thrilled to see that develop for both our businesses now.”

At MCT Equipment lifting equipment isn’t a job, it’s a passion, says Grosser.

‘We thrive on challenging the industry on what they know about equipment. Whether it’s safety, innovation, environmental improvements, we are at the cutting edge of bringing the world’s best down under.

“For us, it’s not just about sourcing, it’s about supporting and making sure you’re being looked after on the ground. You’ll find that while everyone else is concerned about lifting 50 tonnes 100m, we are trying to lift 50kg upside down, inside out and through a keyhole. As we said, it’s a passion.

“We’re committed to bringing you only the highest standards. Not only do we scour the globe for only the best products and machinery before we bring them back home, but we have a strict internal quality assurance program that has been developed over 25 years,” he said.

MCT has three key focus areas:

  • New Equipment
  • Used Equipment
  • Its Workshop facilites

New Equipment – sourced by the best around the globe

At MCT, the range of innovative lifting options available to the Western Australian and Northern Territory market have significantly opened up.

“With a selection of our machines available to be inspected in our Maddington headquarters, our full range is able to be delivered swiftly to your operation. Rotary telehandlers (RTH), heavy-duty telehandlers (HTH) and fixed telehandlers (TH) form part of our new equipment offering,” said Grosser.

Used Equipment – used cranes with a new crane experience

“At MCT, we combine experience, a structured sales methodology and a deep network of industry contacts to get the sale done. All machines that are sourced come in for thorough inspection at MCT, then if required go through a full refurbishment prior to getting a new owner. This improves and extends the machine life-cycle, getting it ready for its second wind,” said Grosser.

Within MCT’s used division, we offer three key areas of support to ensure customers receive the equipment needed with minimal downtime. These key areas are:

  1. Sale of high quality used equipment – MCT will source the required equipment through its local and international network of trusted partners, handling all stages of the process.
  2. Disposal of existing assets – before commencement, the MCT team will provide a structured disposal plan to secure full visibility of the process from start to finish.
  3. Refurbishment of tired machinery – refurbished units are serviced to the highest standards with compliance and quality at the forefront every time.

Workshop – our promise is your guarantee

“At MCT, you can trust in our philosophy that the work doesn’t stop when the equipment leaves the workshop. Our team understands the importance of protecting your investment, giving you peace of mind that your equipment matters to us as much on day 200 as it does on day 0.

“We believe that our promise is your guarantee, doing our part to minimise downtime and disruption with around the clock support, so you can get on with the important business of running your business. From servicing support and training, to critical failures and general advice from our team of seasoned professionals, our workshop is the best of the best,” said Grosser.

MCT and Magni

As leaders in the lifting industry, MCT is constantly looking towards cutting edge technology in this space. This is where the Italian telescopic handler giant, Magni, comes into play. MCT has secured exclusive WA and NT distribution rights for this sustainable telehandler option.  This is the game changer.

Magni is not your average telehandler. This is innovation at its best, where one machine does the job of numerous machines,” says Grosser.

The addition of Magni to MCT Equipment’s existing support operations now means they have the capacity to offer new and used equipment, alongside their unrivalled support network to provide servicing and parts. In addition, the team offers reconditioning and refurbishing services across WA and NT.

The Magni Range of telehandlers are true chameleons for all manner of industries whether it be mining industry (where MCT’s roots began in 2001), construction, agriculture or industry.

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