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McKay United deploys Groves for dual lifts on $450m project

As part of Victoria's Level Crossing Removal Project, McKay United deploys its two Grove all-terrain cranes for dual lifts on the new Parkdale Station.

McKay United has deployed two of its Grove all-terrain cranes to complete a series of dual lifts on the new Parkdale Station as part of Victoria’s Level Crossing Removal Project.

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Contracted to lift 120-tonne bridge beams, the Melbourne-based crane outfit mobilised its Grove GMK7450 and GMK6400 to lift the bridge beams into place to further the development of the new Parkdale Station.

To help configure the two Groves, McKay United also mobilised its Franna AT40 as an auxiliary crane, its 100-tonne hydraulic telescopic crawler crane, and a five-tonne all-terrain crane.


The seven-axle Grove GMK7450 possesses a maximum lifting capacity of 450-tonnes on a seven-axle carrier, making it the flagship all-terrain crane in Grove’s inventory. Further to its lifting capacities, the crane possesses a five- section main telescopic boom length of 60m that can be enhanced by Manitowoc’s trademarked MegaWingLift technology that provides extra lifting capacity. The crane can reach a maximum hook height of 136m thanks to its optional add ons of a 79m luffing jib and 70m fixed jib, and is capable of carrying 160-tonnes of counterweight.

The GMK6400, on the other hand, is one of the newest all-terrain cranes in Grove’s line up, and presents the best load chart in its six-axle class – an achievement underscored by the machine earning Manitowoc the ESTA award for innovation in 2013. The crane’s 400-tonne lifting capacity is bolstered by a similar boom configuration to the aforementioned 450-tonner, with a 60m main boom length and 136m main hook height.

McKay United comprises of Williamstown Crane Hire, East Side Crane Hire, and Tasmanian company Elliot’s Crane Hire. The company possesses a fleet size ranging from its 13-tonne Kato through to its 650-tonne Demag crawler crane.

The new, $450 million Parkdale Station is being delivered by an alliance of Acciona, Coleman Rail, WSP, and Metro Trains Melbourne, and is expected to remove 27 level crossings while building 17 new stations by 2029.

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