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Matusch’s E.P.O.S. crane administration software receives Premier approval

Matusch develops its crane administration software E.P.O.S. for the crane industry and companies like Premier Cranes.

Premier Cranes’ co-founder, Steve Warton, discusses his experience with Matusch’s E.P.O.S. crane administration software, and how it has helped streamline his company’s resource allocation processes.

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Being an owner of a business can be a tough, gruelling, multi-faceted challenge, with a plethora of things that could go wrong occurring every single day. 

For crane hire companies, throwing the challenge of allocating resources adequately for each job into the mix with appropriate fleet management, correct stocktake and appropriate invoicing becomes one big hot pot of potential miscommunications. Without the correct systems in place, that hot pot can quickly become an administrative nightmare. 

For Steve Warton, co-founder of Victorian crane hire company Premier Cranes, the reliance on multiple spreadsheets detailing what machine was where, which crew member was at what site, and what rigging was being used on which project became overwhelming. In need of a solution to his company’s logistical needs, he turned his attention overseas to German company Matusch and its crane administration software, ‘E.P.O.S.’: Equipment Planning and Organisation System.

“We’ve worked with Matusch and employed its E.P.O.S. system for a lot of years – since 2015 to be exact,” he said. “Working across multiple spreadsheets made scheduling and invoicing really difficult for us, but everything has become so much more streamlined ever since we started using E.P.O.S.”

E.P.O.S. is a modular software system that has been developed and optimised specifically for the crane rental, access equipment and oversize transport industries. Through Matusch’s E.P.O.S., users are able to easily track what resources have been where, where resources are currently located, and what they will be doing in the future. In essence, Matusch’s E.P.O.S. enables the centralisation of all resource allocation, allowing companies to determine what needs to be where at what time, minimising the amount of paper flow brought about by administrative processes.

Matusch develops its heavy vehicle crane administrative software E.P.O.S. for the crane industry and companies like Premier Cranes to manage their resources.
With a significant number of resources deployed all across Victoria’s Big Build, keeping track of what machine is where has been made easy for Premier Cranes through Matusch’s E.P.O.S. Image: Premier Cranes

One glance across Melbourne’s inner northwest explicitly lays out the importance of appropriate logistical management for Steve. Amid the crawler cranes and half-complete bridge works are the distinguishable white booms of Premier Cranes’ mobile and crawler cranes working across projects in Victoria’s Big Build initiative that are also conducting lifting operations at various commercial construction jobs across the city. In all, Premier Cranes owns 33 cranes, from its 25-tonne Frannas through to its two, 450-tonne Liebherr mobile cranes, while also employing over 100-plus field crew.

With the deployment of these machines comes the need for associated rigging equipment, lifting equipment like counterweights, qualified personnel, and efficient shift management. Through Matusch’s E.P.O.S. system, the team at Premier Cranes acquires the competitive advantage of being able to track its available resources at any given point, as well as plan for future jobs and easily view past jobs. This is done by simply creating a job and inputting the allocated resources, while ensuring there’s no crossover of equipment utilisation and fatigue management can be dealt with adequately. For Steve, the benefit of this is two-fold on jobs such as the West Gate Tunnel Project, where resources require 24-hour management.

“Firstly, E.P.O.S. helps us meet our client’s expectations by ensuring we show up for jobs on time and with the right personnel and equipment” he said. “On top of that, however, is the safety factor: by being able to manage people’s shifts, we ensure no one person is working too long; that’s especially important for us considering the heightened need for safety in high-risk work activities.”

Operating for nearly 16 years now across Victoria’s infrastructure landscape, logistical management of its resources has never been so centralised for Premier Cranes. Working with Matusch, Premier Cranes has been able to integrate all of its own internal software with different platforms where it owns the intellectual property, with Matusch ensuring every bit of software is completely integrated at the first available point for the Victorian crane hire company. 

“E.P.O.S. provides a source of truth for us,” said Steve. “Everything is now entirely streamlined and centralised, and it all comes from working with  Matusch.”  


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