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Manitowoc’s Potain crane supports Italian job

Manitowoc has supported Italian construction company ITINERA, with the renovation of the Gravagna viaduct near Genoa in Italy.

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The implementation of the world’s first MDLT 1109 models, the largest top-slewing cranes ever produced from Potain in Europe, will support the complex project.

The MDLT 1109 is highly regarded in Potain’s top-slewing crane range, with a 40-tonne maximum load capacity and an 80m jib with an 11.1-tonne capacity at its tip.

The MDLT 1109  has a 50.9-tonne maximum counterweight with 150 HPL 100 or the 270 LVF GH Optima lifting hoists options.

Manitowoc Technician Cyrille Giamello touched on the MDLT 1109’s ability to simplify the process.

“We have assembled many Potain tower cranes over the years and were expecting a complicated job with these four MDLT 1109 units because of the impressive dimensions of the components.”

“The work was certainly demanding but the final assembly turned out to be much simpler than anticipated, which enabled us to respect the deadline for the work,” Giamello said.

The first four cranes, a part of the MDLT 1109 range have been deployed to assist with the ITINERA (a long-standing potain partner) construction project.

The project involves dismantling and rebuilding the 1,076m-long Gravagna vidaduct on the Cisa highway – an artery connecting La Spezia and Parma.

The MDLT 1109 replaces the MD 1100 with two key upgrades – a modular K mast design and the Manitowoc Crane Control System (CCS).

The CCS is in place for its efficiency and precision; it optimises lifting performance for speed and accuracy, as well as streamlining set-up.

The easy assembling and disassembling of the K mask offers configuration and flexibility to cater for the diverse needs of the job.

Cyrille’s colleague and Technician Massimo Rizzo lauded the ease the the MD 1100 provides, “The ease of assembly is testament to the exceptional quality and reliability of our products, and we are so proud to have been part of this milestone for Manitowoc.”

Full MDLT 1109 specs guide can be found here.

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