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Manitowoc crane to assist Dutch high-rise project

The Grove GMK6300L-1 will be used by Dutch crane rental company Kraanverhuur Boekestijn, to replace windows on a Rotterdam high-rise building.

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Each of the 750 windows weigh 800 kilograms and the month-long project will involve replacing windows that have become structurally inadequate.

René Boekestijn, Co-owner and Managing Director of Kraanverhuur Boekestijn spoke to the strengths of the Grove.

“The reach with the GMK6300L-1 is world-class; with 80m of main boom and the chance to increase the overall system length to 120m with extensions. Set-up is fast and easy, including  the counterweight, and with the crane’s compactness and outrigger base, we can get it into tight spaces, like the jobsite in Rotterdam.”

“We now have two of the Grove 300-tonne cranes in the Boekestijn fleet; for us, it’s the best performer in this class,” said Rene.

Challenges of the downtown project meant that space was limited, however, the all-terrain crane still had to be set up with 74.5-tonne of counterweight, 80m main boom, 37m and 29m hydraulic swingaway jibs – overall with a max tip height of 120m and vehicle width of 3m.

“Kraanverhuur Boekestijn loves the crane’s powerful lifting capacity and reach. For this job, the main boom plus hydraulic swingaway jib has demonstrated exceptional performance, enabling the lifting of loads even over obstacles,” Rene said.

Niek Brabers, Sales Manager for Mobile Cranes in the Netherlands at Manitowoc, spoke to the reliability of Grove cranes.

“Grove all-terrain cranes help the company meet any challenge on the jobsite, and we look forward to continuing to do business with the company in the future,” Nick said.

Kraanverhuur Boekestijn is a Dutch crane rental company founded in 1943. It remains family-owned and is currently run by third-generation Boekestijn family members.

The company is active in general construction, industrial, ports, wind energy, petrochemical, and government projects.

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