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Manitou Group further enhances its CSR

Manitou Group has released the third edition of its AV program ‘On the Way Up’ dedicated to tackling sustainability issues in the construction and earthmoving industries.

Featuring a range of testimonials from internal and external stakeholders, the event platforms the essential nature of environmental and societal issues in sustainable growth. It achieves this by thoroughly examining three key challenges for Manitou Group: transformation, human resources, and ecology.

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The program, an hour long, features experts, educational leaders, stakeholders, employees, and directors of the company, all discussing how the world-leaders in the handling, aerial work platforms, and earth moving sectors can successfully adapt and thrive in a changing economy.

“Because the way forward is far from obvious for every company in the face of the many challenges it faces, it’s important to share collectively on our learning, our progress, and our inspirations,” said Aude Brézac, CSR Vice-President for Manitou Group. “With ‘On the way up’, presenting all these initiatives surrounded by experts and stakeholders enables us to accelerate, to see further ahead, to imagine the future and to invent new ways of thinking.”

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With ideas surrounding the changing of economic models and stakeholder relations being touted, the program also examines ecological transition, regenerative economies, positive impacts on the planet, diversity, professional equality, and well-being at work as the Group seeks to further enhance its CSR status.

“We’re continuing our momentum, we’re anticipating, and we want to let people know,” said Brézac. “We’re helping to set the world in motion.”

The full episode can be watched here.

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