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Mammoet’s turnkey logistics on show in biorefinery construction

Mammoet showcases its turnkey logistics capabilities with the construction of the world's first biorefinery.

Global engineered heavy lifting company, Mammoet, has displayed its turnkey logistics prowess by supporting of the construction of a globally unique biorefinery.

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To drive the world toward making recyclable products with biochemicals instead of fossil chemicals, UPM Biochemicals is building the world’s first biorefinery to produce wood-based biochemicals in Leuna, Germany. Mammoet was involved right from the get-go, utilised as a general contractor for most of the transport, lifting, and installation projects.

Branch Manager at Mammoet, Jonas Bartzschke, said Mammoet was proud to be part of the “groundbreaking” project helping to shift the chemical industry toward a sustainable future.

“We not only successfully contributed to the construction of the biorefinery with our crane, transport and installation solution,” he said, “we were also able to use our experience to help manage the complexity, optimize the critical path and increase the efficiency of the construction.”

Due to its early involvement in the project and nigh-on total control, Mammoet was able to perform a lot of the engineering necessary in advance through its 3D engineering tool, Move 3D. Among a range of other tasks, Mammoet installed ten columns that weighed from five tonnes through to 170 tonnes, safely transported 20 GPI tanks that weighed 21 tonnes and measured in at 23m tall via two parallel coupled SPMT axle lines, and designed a special rigging set up for the lifting and installation of the silo roofs that measured in at 30m in diameter and weighed in at 58 tonnes.

According to Mammoet, all the key components were installed in place, demonstrating the company’s turnkey logistics capabilities. Once operational, the biorefinery will mark the beginning of a new, more sustainable era for the entire chemical industry.


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