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Mammoet’s SK350 helps replace four coke drums at Texas refinery

Mammoet's SK350 ring crane completes work at an oil refinery lifting coke drums in Texas, USA. The picture is taken from a bird's eye view, and the crane is set to go and work on offshore windfarms in Taiwan.

Dutch company Mammoet have aided in the replacement of four coke drums at an oil refinery in Texas off the Gulf Coast.

Using the SK350 – a 5,000 tonne crane – the planned replacement of the refinery’s coker unit occurred with minimum fuss due to the crane’s capacity, as the 740-tonne derrick fell well within its weight class.

Additionally, due to the crane’s capacity, no preparation work was needed, and ground pressure bearing was able to be kept low because of the crane’s ring design.

“Using the world’s strongest land-based crane, Mammoet’s international team comprised of six nationalities led the coke drum replacement project to a successful conclusion,” said Sidney King, Project Manager for Mammoet.

“With zero recordables and despite some weather downtime, the SK350 was able to complete all the client’s lifts days ahead of their planned schedule, giving the turnaround an opportunity for an ahead of schedule completion.”

Featuring 10 lifts, across the entire project, each of the four old 270-tonne coke drums were removed and replaced by the new 448-tonne drums.

Aiding these lifts was the SK series’ unique auxiliary hook, nicknamed the ‘runner’ as it sits in front of the main hook block, and is able to traverse the lattice boom crane’s structure much quicker than its main counterpart.

With a lifting capacity of up to 5,000 tonnes, the SK350 also features an outreach with the jib of up to 200 metres and possesses a high operating wind speed as well as an automated boom section assembly to enhance its safety.

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