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Mammoet shifts 850-tonne module with zero emissions

Mammoet utilises its skidding and jacking equipment to lift a concrete tunnel section for Stradsbader Construction with zero emissions.

Mammoet has successfully lifted and skidded an 850-tonne concrete tunnel section 40m while emitting zero emissions throughout the process.

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Contracted by Belgian company, Stadsbader Constructions, the global engineered heavy lifting powerhouse assessed the project could be completed with zero emissions by combining existing skidding equipment with new battery powered technology. According to Mammoet Europe’s Manager of Improvement and Innovation, Pascal Eeken, the operation set a new standard for carrying out heavy lifting projects in a safer, sustainable, and more eco-friendly way.

“We have demonstrated that through innovative engineering and combining new and existing technology,” he said, “we have the ability to execute zero emission heavy lift projects for our customers – and that’s the future.”

The concrete tunnel section Mammoet needed to lift and shift measured in at 25m long and 8.5m wide, with the section required to be placed 40m down the road below a railway track close to Brussels. Faced with a tight deadline and precise calculations due to the need to not disrupt public transport users, Mammoet utilised its specialised tunnel adaptors and skidding system to place hydraulic jacks and manoeuvre and lift the tunnel section from the ground. With enough ground clearance created, hydraulic cylinders pushed the tunnel section across 40m of Teflon pad-equipped skid tracks to its destination.

Mammoet used an electric powerpack combined with a battery to supply the hydraulic power needed. The electric powerpack is powered by recycled batteries with a maximum capacity of 50kWh, weighs 1.5 tonnes, and has loading capacity for an additional 1000kg of auxiliary equipment via its roof rack, while accepting standard inputs and outputs at 16, 32 or 63A.

Ultimately, through the combined use of Mammoet’s lifting and skidding technologies as well as the all-electric power choice supplied, Mammoet completed the job in under an hour, two and a half hours ahead of schedule, highlighting the efficacy of Mammoet’s sustainable operations.


Mammoet utilises its skidding and jacking equipment to lift a concrete tunnel section for Stradsbader Construction with zero emissions.
An overview of the project. Image: Mammoet.
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